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Sponsoring Golf Events and Hospitality

Sponsoring Golf Events and Hospitality

Companies focus on increasing sales and marketing in order to maximize revenue. One of the tools is corporate hospitality events.

New Dynamics

Having less today and as time is a major constraint, there is a challenge for companies. Customers are busy and don’t have so much time to attend invites. Short events close by become more attractive in today’s business environment.

Perception is Key

Companies want to vehicle a positive and productive image through their marketing programs while hosting hospitality events. Programs must be targeted and generate tangible benefits: they must be perceived as positive and tasteful.


The concern is to maintain event cost as low as possible, while increasing revenue and growth. Programs should deliver an excellent value and measurable results, as well as a strong ROI.

Changing Mix

The sponsor mix reflects changes in business. The financial segment remains strong, while the service industries (accounting, consulting, legal, funds) increase their sponsoring engagement. 

Small Company Sponsors

More smaller companies enter golf tournaments sponsoring. Tournaments offer the flexibility of the multiple single-day hospitality. Small companies can target many customers in their regional markets.

Sponsoring Golf Events and Hospitality

Golf tournament

An official golf tournament is held on 4 day. Companies can invite different guests every day
It is perceived as very classy and locations are generally prestigious
There are different hospitality opportunities (walk around tickets, shared VIP marquee, private marquee, etc.)
I can also provide some brand exposure (press, tv, etc.)
There are many other opportunities such as Pro-Am game, golfers' dinner, "meet and greet" and many others
Unlike other sports hospitality can offer you quality time with your guests

Hosting hospitality during a golf tournament is a very interesting marketing solution for companies

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