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At Home Writing Lessons

At Home Writing Lessons

Learning doesn’t stop, even when moving from the classroom to the living room. Thanks to helpful online resources like’s Grammar Girl, parents can strengthen their children’s writing skills with audio lessons, games, and videos.

Younger Kids

Writing begins with understanding how individual pieces fit together. Grammar Girl’s Parts of Speech lesson reviews major parts of speech and recommends a game for mobile devices and tablets, called Grammar Pop, to make the lessons more fun and engaging.

Middle School Kids

Children in grades six through eight focus less on mechanics and more on style. Grammar Girl’s lesson on point of view (or POV) explores three main topics. First person uses “I” and allows the narrator to speak as himself. This POV is helpful for beginning writers learning to see through the eyes of the narrator.

Second person speaks directly to the reader, using “you,” and is typically employed in “how-to” articles.

Most writers will write in the third person (“he” or “they”), remaining detached and offering either an omniscient (all-knowing) or a limited view that sees through the eyes of a particular character.

Older Kids

Students in secondary grades (9-12) tackle advanced tasks like analytical essays. More than summarizing a subject, such as a novel, analytical essays explore a single idea about the work itself. Grammar Girl offers 4 easy steps for approaching these assignments: taking great notes, narrowing one’s approach to a single topic, beginning with an outline, and filling in the blanks.

The site also suggests 3 key ways to strengthen this process. A three-step revision process includes a rough draft, a subsequent assessment of structure then fine-tuning. Other suggestions include getting advice from others and reading or writing daily.

Other Resources

Parents can download an English quiz to test their own knowledge and find a guide for editing children’s assignments. Other sites, like The Teacher Next Door, offer video resources and ideas like crafting “Mad Libs” for children. Disney has also kept alive the classic School House Rock as an additional resource.

Check out these and other great resources for exploring and creating at-home writing lessons.