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Contracts with Russian Teams: Interview with Gene Taschkinov

Contracts with Russian Teams: Interview with Gene Taschkinov

Dave sat down with Gene Tashkinov (Silicon Gene) in Moscow recently for some perspective on how Russian software teams often interpret contracts differently than their US clients.

Americans LOVE contracts. Put it in writing because, to us, contract is king. Our insistence on having a binding legal contract isn’t universal cross-culturally, though. When your Russian software team considers your agreement to be more of a guide than a formal contract, it can easily affect your project and your ongoing relationship with them.

Don’t assume that your interpretation of the contract is the same as your team’s interpretation. Communication is always the most important aspect when working with an offshore team. To help avoid misunderstandings and develop a long-term relationship, be sure to have this conversation and that mutual expectations are clear before kicking off your project.  

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