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Accenture's Nikki Mendonça Talks About Her Career Success for International Women's Day

 Accenture's Nikki Mendonça Talks About Her Career Success for International Women's Day

Gender parity is 217 years away according to the World Economic Forum and the International Women's Day today is aiming to raise awareness of this inequality and encourage us all to try and bridge the delta.

I signed up for their #PressForProgress campaign a few weeks ago and my personal pledge was to celebrate female role models and their career journeys. Consequently, I decided to reach out to my network of female business leaders and entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to understand more about their own unique paths to success.

I spoke with 6 senior women who hold key positions in their respective industries or businesses either in the US, UK, Canada or China. Each of them provides a unique insight into how they established their careers, how they tackled gender bias and how they have ultimately succeeded. They all have very different, yet equally fascinating, stories to tell which are the embodiment of what the International Women's Day is trying to achieve.

This is penultimate interview in the series and in the hot seat today we have communications and media expert, Nikki Mendonça:

After 16 years working for Omnicom, most recently as President of OMD EMEA, Nikki has moved across the pond from London to New York to take up the prestigious role of Global President of Intelligent Marketing Operations at Accenture. Having worked with Nikki, I can tell you from first hand experience that she is quite simply a force of nature. She exudes boundless energy, has a well informed opinion on practically everything and is prepared to defend her