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The 10 Best Cars at the Geneva Motor Show 2018

The 10 Best Cars at the Geneva Motor Show 2018  

It's the 88th Geneva Motor Show this week and I have a sneaky press day preview to show you the hot metal at this years event.

There are 180 exhibitors this year with a total of 110 new vehicles being premiered. Over 700,000 people will be attending the event at the Palexpo Convention Centre to pore over the latest polished metal (or carbon fibre) from the World's top car marques.

The show is open to the public from Thursday but I had procured an early bird 'press day' ticket. So I put on my comfy shoes and walked the halls to take close up pictures and comment upon the heavy metal that's on show this year, all served up in alphabetical order so there is no hint of bias:

Alpine - the sporty Renault-owned Porsche Cayman worrying marque has had two new models added to their line-up, a stripped back racer called the Pure and a luxury version called the Legende. Both handsome beasts. Rumour has it there will be a new, more powerful, 3 litre engine added next year too

Aston Martin - the biggest ever presence by Aston in Geneva and rightly so with the launches of the Vantage, DB11 Coupe and Volante convertible. I stood at the stand, mouth agape, dribbling like hungry dog.

BMW - the much anticipated X7 concept was unveiled and it's pretty darn gorgeous. All electric and super connected but a few people think that BMW have messed around a little too much with their signature kidney shaped grille (I don't agree, I think it looks cool)

Ferrari - you might be forgiven that the naming team over at Ferrari had been hitting the Chianti when they named the new Ferrari 488 the 'Pista' but it's actually Italian for 'track'. Hence why it's rather a good name because that's precisely where this 3.9 litre, twin turbo V8 710 BHP monster belongs.

McLaren - another a track-focused supercar along the lines of the Pista and with remarkably similar stats, the Senna is a 4.0 litre, twin-turbocharged V-8 pumping out 789 raging horses. With a name like Senna, it was never going to be a pussycat though was it? The only bad news here is that only 500 are being built and they are already sold.

Renault - easily the most interesting concept vehicle at the show was the EZ-GO. Renault have had a reputation for startling concept cars over the past few years with the equally stunning Trezor and Symbioz cars which are all about connectivity, electrification and autonomy. The EZ-GO is about modern transportation and sits somewhere between an Uber and a conventional bus.

Toyota - the much loved Supra was finally killed off in 2002 and many of us have been waiting for it to be resurrected ever since. The signs are strong with this racing version brandishing the iconic name maybe paving the way for a road-going version.

Volvo - the Swedish (yet now Chinese owned) brand have been churning out some rather excellent cars of late. The XC40 is 'Car of the Year' and now the brand new Polestar 1 Coupe (complete with new signature badging) introduces the new all electric range of the marque. Apparently an SUV will follow soon.

VW - I do like a good concept car and the ID Buzz fits the bill. Imagine a super-modern version of the classic VW Camper van and you are pretty much there. The interior is also like something straight out the Jetsons.

Zenvo - the TSR-S was launched to a backtrack of a snarling and growling engine. With 1,178 BHP on tap that is not a shock. But the party trick for the Zenvo is a rather nifty ‘Centripetal Rear Wing’ which can tilt up as an airbrake, lie flat to reduce drag, or (and this is the cars party trick) it tilt left or right on an opposite axis to force the car’s unloaded tyres harder onto the tarmac when cornering to make it more stable. Understand all that? Me neither. Sounds and looks awesome though.

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steven carmoe 19/3/2018 · #7

look great

Steve Blakeman 7/3/2018 · #6

@Brian McKenzie, as Renault Nissan make the best electric engines the V=Buzz should maybe get one of theirs!

Steve Blakeman 7/3/2018 · #5

@Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador, I must admit they are amazing but I'm still very much an Aston Martin fanboy!

+1 +1
Steve Blakeman 7/3/2018 · #4

@Wayne Yoshida, yes I was very lucky to get a sneak preview... and as for that BMW grille, I think it might grow on you!

Brian McKenzie 7/3/2018 · #3

Get Renault & Porsche to put a real motor in that van.

+1 +1

Wow! Fabulous cars. I'm jealous. The Ferrari and the McLaren got my attention.

+1 +1
Wayne Yoshida 6/3/2018 · #1

Thanks for the virtual tour @Steve Blakeman - I am so envious of your press pass to get in! Regarding the BMW grill. I like the traditional "flatter" grill. The bumped-out new version reminds me of a beaver cartoon. But alas, cars, like art, are an eye of the beholder thing.

+1 +1