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Trisha Goddard (TV Presenter) Talks About Her Career Success for International Women's Day

Trisha Goddard (TV Presenter) Talks About Her Career Success for International Women's Day 

Gender parity is 217 years away according to the World Economic Forum and the International Women's Day next Thursday is aiming to raise awareness of this inequality and encourage us all to try and bridge the delta.

I signed up for their #PressForProgress campaign a few weeks ago and my personal pledge was to celebrate female role models and their career journeys. Consequently, I decided to reach out to my network of female business leaders and entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to understand more about their own unique paths to success.

I spoke with 6 senior women who hold key positions in their respective industries or businesses either in the US, UK, Canada or China. Each of them provides a unique insight into how they established their careers, how they tackled gender bias and how they have ultimately succeeded. They all have very different, yet equally fascinating, stories to tell which are the embodiment of what the International Women's Day is trying to achieve.

Today we have TV Presenter, writer, producer and entrepreneur Trisha Goddard:

Trisha, by her own admittance, "is not a fan of sitting still." As a TV presenter she has hosted her own highly successful daytime talk shows in the UK (for ITV and C5), the US (for NBC) and Australia (for ABC). She has been a regular contributor for various publications including The Times, Women's Weekly and the Sydney Morning Herald to name but a few. She is also a passionate campaigner on mental health issues - she is the recipient of The College of Psychiatry's President's Medal for contributions to mental health. On top of all that (as if it were not enough) she also runs her own production company called TGTV Inc. I asked Trisha about what skills she needed to break the mould of the reality talk show host, previously dominated by the likes of Jerry Springer, Maury and Geraldo, to carve out a career as the first "Queen of Daytime"?

"My younger daughter went through very tough times at school and here's what I told her: the upside of never fitting in is the huge gift it gives you. When you start believing you will never be part of the crowd, see it as a gift. There is no crowd to follow, therefore you are free of people's expectations. If you never believe you will be popular, that too gives you another freedom.

I had already had a lifetime of being "the first "so I was used to not fitting in…"

"I've always wanted to know how things worked. So I taught myself how to edit and produce. Basically do everything so that I never had to be totally reliant on someone else doing something I couldn't fully understand in order to get my story out there. For example, when I found out my male executive producer was planning on approaching a health fund to do a spin-off show purely based on my idea, I formed a production company in 24 hours!

I was coproduction company owner/co-executive producer/presenter/senior reporter/recruiter… You name it. I could only do all of that because those skills had been honed since I had been 13 years old. If I have a gap in my knowledge, I have never had a problem in taking myself off and doing a course or internship to teach me. I don't care. I am constantly skilling up."

A huge thanks to all the inspirational thoughts provided by all my interviewees. The common thread I can see amongst all these incredibly smart business leaders is that they all have unwavering determination, an innate self-confidence and an unrelenting persistence to succeed. Any aspiring entrepreneur or aspiring business leader, from either gender, can learn a lot from these ladies.

If you have any questions for the interviewees then please ask them in the comments section and we will collectively do our best to answer as many as we can.

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