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Fuelling the digital economy through disruption

Fuelling the digital economy through disruption

The world as we know it is being changed at an unprecedented rate. The Internet of Things (IoT) and digital products have revolutionised the way that we work, relax, manage our homes and finances in ways that would have seemed inconceivable just 10 years ago.

Any company today that wishes to succeed in this bright new digital economy of ours must transform themselves. This is not necessarily an easy task either, since business models, strategies and processes must be reinvented.

The digital economy was borne of the billions of connections, everyday encounters, between people, services, businesses, personal and public data. These connections are happening every second of everyday, right around the globe. Knowing this, companies must learn how to analyse this mass of data and extract value from it.

"Success will depend entirely on how companies can transform themselves digitally to harvest the opportunities of this data-driven, hyperconnected environment..."
Dinesh Sharma, Vice President of Portfolio Marketing SAP

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The word "disruption" gets thrown around alot these days when talking about digital economies and start up ventures. Taxi companies have found great success when dealing with the emerging digital revolution. Realising that we live in a connected world, a world brought and held together by the ever present smartphone, one company in particular rocked their slice of the industry.

Uber was, and still is in some areas, a controversial setup. Highly disruptive, they tapped into an area that very few cab firms had even thought of. More than that, they made full use of the technology people already had and they did so brilliantly.