In driving, one major desire of road users is to feel and be safe while on the road especially from the police and law enforcement agents. A part of being safe is to be aware of where radars are stationed to catch those who exceed speed limits on their journey. This is being achieved through the use of radar detectors which have the ability to find out threats, direction of threats, monitor front and rear views, have GPS capabilities and can update automatically. In this piece, I will be bringing to you the top radar detectors in 2017.

1. Valentine One: It is the most sensitive detector with the ability to detect almost anything the closing of the door, slight movements and even the farthest radar from a police vehicle ahead. A major innovation of the device is its ability to show the direction of the radar by arrows pointing in different directions, front, side, rear. Though it can see almost everything around you, it is also known to go haywire from increasing alerts. The price for it is placed at $484.57.

2. Escort Passport 8500 X50: This escort model use to go for $300 in 2015 but today you can find it for $250. It is made of plastic and a major drawback of having just front-end antennas. It has excellent filtering capability which makes it very useful more than other premium devices from Escort at half the price. Unlike Valentine One, Escort 8500 can beep and make sound for something you need to know around. It has simple user interface that is also dimmable, can connect to the Bluetooth of your smartphone, can download alerts generated by other users using the Escort Live app. It can be bought for $188. 

3. Escort Passport X70: Among all the models from Escort, this X70 is the best for bang the buck mid range-model with a crisp LED display and speed limit information. It is designed with a customizable back light that can be set to match with your dashboard lighting. 

It also has a new filtering option that makes it filter false alerts from traffic sensors that emit X and K band radar (used to detect traffic in municipals but without details of individuals driver’s speed). The live ware can be upgraded and it can connect with Escort Live App. You can get one for $299.95. No rear-view detector.