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Handed a Traffic Ticket? Here’s All You Ought To Know

Handed a Traffic Ticket? Here’s All You Ought To Know

If you are accused of a traffic offense, giving up and paying the fine just to get done with it and escape the long procedures might look like the easiest option. But doing so would mean unknowingly accepting being guilty of the offense. Not to forget the consequences that come with it.

Here are some consequences that you will have to face for being accused of a traffic offense:

  • Certain points will add up to your driving record, which will stay there forever.
  • Many of your driving privileges will be lost.
  • Further, your driving license might get suspended or revoked.
  • Your insurance rates might increase considerably.
  • You might be required to pay fines raging from $5000 up to $1,00,000.
  • Your vehicle might get seized or might get ordered for forfeiture.
  • Incarceration

Though these consequences might look bad, but one thing your should remember always is that the consequences might worsen if certain things are avoided. You might reduce the consequences to a great extent by taking care of the following things:

  • Make a note of the type of the traffic police officer’s vehicle, its license plate and unit number, the exact location where you were stopped and its surroundings plus the traffic scene/conditions at the time, the distance between where the violation occurred and where you were stopped, the weather conditions at that time, the clothes you were wearing, and any other possible details which the officer is likely to ignore.
  • If you are pleading “not guilty” for your traffic charges, you should never give up your right to a speedy trial unless you have a very strong reason to do so. The court might get you into giving up this right by convincing you how that would give the court more time to hear your case properly. But until you have a strong reason to do so (which again should only be decided by speaking with your traffic defense attorney), do not give up this right at nay cost.
  • Being aware of your rights isn’t enough and wouldn’t even make any sense if you aren’t exercising those rights at times when you should. Make sure you exercise your rights at appropriate times.
  • Be careful not to drive your vehicle with a revoked or suspended license as this will attract further penalties.
  • Threatening any of the prosecutors or trying to convince them into your favour would only prove to be more troublesome for your case.

Hiring an experienced traffic ticket defense attorney should not be an option, rather a priority. Here’s how this could benefit you:

  • A traffic defense attorney will represent you in the court to present a compelling defense for your accusation
  • He will help reinstate your revoked or suspended driving license earlier than expected or possible.
  • He can identify all the flaws in your case and recorded evidence.
  • Moreover, he might get a better plea offer for you.
  • Also, he could determine whether any rights were violated, make you aware of all your rights, and further, help you exercise them at appropriate times.
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