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The Melanie Project Part 3

The Melanie Project Part 3

We left off thinking about stress and the stories we tell ourselves. If you missed parts 1 and 2 check them out here:

Part 1:

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Melanie had two major stories running in her subconscious mind that influenced her every decision.

She didn’t exactly know that she had these stories running.

They were just there, like music in an elevator, until I pointed them out to her.

And each of these stories were igniting powerful amounts of stress in her body and mind – so much so that her face became paralyzed from the stress.

Every one of us has underlying stories like this. They come from events in our lives that we perceive as hurtful, and from subtle needs that we have, that go unmet. These needs are often so subtle, that we, ourselves, don’t even know we have them.

In this free webinar I’m going to go much more in depth about these needs – and how we can meet them so they don’t develop into underlying stories that stress us out.

For Melanie, one of her stories was that, in order to be a good person, s