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Morning Has Broken

Morning Has Broken


HE GAVE ME my Toshiba Satellite laptop, upon which I hack away religiously. He gave me my Samsung Galaxy S5 -- with which I have created a series of qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine health talks for Dr. Chandler Stump, Practitioner of Chinese Medicine at Sea Turtle Wellness, Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Chandler is my personal doctor. I go to her for acupuncture, detoxification, qigong training, Western pharmaceutical drug withdrawal therapy, and psychology. Every Monday morning, without fail.

And I am as good as new. For Morning Has Broken. Like the first morning.
Cat Stevens

Sea Turtle Wellness February 18 at 5:03pm ·

"Según Whittle, la medicina moderna centra su atención principalmente en el cuerpo físico, por lo que las cualidades intangibles como la conciencia parecen ser un subproducto del cerebro.

La medicina china toma el enfoque opuesto. Mira a la naturaleza y al movimiento de la energía para explicar cambios en el cuerpo físico. Desde la perspectiva china, el espíritu es primario, y la conciencia descansa en el corazón.

“La medicina china y occidental son perfectamente complementarias, pero absolutamente diferentes”, dijo Whittle. “Uno de mis maestros solía describirlo así:

Si usted mira por la ventana y ve

una hoja volando en el viento,

la medicina occidental es la hoja

y la medicina china es el viento”."

"According to Whittle, modern medicine focuses mainly on the physical body, which is why intangible qualities such as the consciousness seem to be a by-product of the brain.

Chinese medicine takes the opposite approach. It looks at Nature and the movement of Energy to explain the changes in the physical body.

From the perspective of China, the spirit is the primary, and the conscience rests in the heart.

"Chinese medicine and Western medicine are perfectly complementary, but absolutely different", said Whittle. "One of my teachers used to describe it like this:

If you look out the window and you see
a leaf blowing in the wind,
Western medicine is the leaf 
and Chinese medicine is the wind
"."…/46150-entendiendo-al-corazon-e…Translated from Spanish

"And if I ever close my eyes, I won't have to cry no more. And if I ever lose my legs, I won't have to walk no more."

For I'm being followed by a MoonShadow. 

What are you being followed by this morning?

Who woke you up with a smile in your heart?

Who gave you that unshakable confidence to take on the world, again?

Who gave you a Lionheart to brave the night, the darkness, your sorrow and the unfathomable troubles of our mortal world?

Please share your thoughts. Dr. Chandler and I would dearly love to hear from you.


"Several years ago, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia pediatric physician Allison Ballantine addressed the class of graduating medical students at my alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, where she taught. Ballantine sent a transcript of her commencement speech to the wonderful Tara Brach, who read an excerpt from it on an episode of her indispensable mindfulness podcast.

"Coming from anyone, Ballantine’s words are a simple yet powerful reminder that unless we live with presence, we aren’t living at all. Coming from someone whose daily task is to protect the sanctity of life against the demands of death, they are nothing short of an awakening:

We become so accustomed to life on the hamster wheel of achievement and approval that we just forget. We scamper on and on, chasing the ephemeral promises of “someday…” or “if only I…”

Growing up, I learned a hard lesson about how that hamster wheel could cheat us.

My father was a pediatric surgeon, with tremendous enthusiasm and drive to succeed that encompassed his work, his family, and his friendships. He was a huge influence in my life — he taught me the value of hard work and the satisfaction of a job done right. But on a winter day when he was driving home from the hospital where he worked, his car slid on a patch of black ice, hitting a telephone pole on the driver’s side, killing him instantly.

He was forty-eight and I was eighteen.


This … serves as a reminder that I cannot live my life on the hamster wheel, waiting for “someday…” or “if only I…”


What you have is in the present moment, and it is unfathomably precious.


This article was originally posted on LinkedIn on February 20, 2016

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#2 gracias muy amable

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#1 wow, @marcelo leiva -- nunca se sabe quien eres hasta que tenemos esta charla a través de beBee. Me alegro que te sientes tán joven , )

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me gusta el enfoque que tiene la medicina china sobre la salud y la energia practico qui gong y hoy a los 50 años me siento como de 20

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