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The Achilles heel of LinkedIn

The Achilles heel of LinkedIn

On February 23, 2016 I wrote:

An Open Letter to Deb Helfrich on LinkedIn.

This is my response to a trail of comments.

"Dear X, Y, Z, and ALL of you who care and have commented below, apparent LI does not want me nor like me to respond individually to you all.

So here I am, weaving my thoughts, in a 'haphazard' but intuitive artisan way.

For I think and write in more than one language....hence it could be a combination of 

* American English, Manglish, Chinese
* British English, Malay, sanskrit

For more important is that i put myself in different cultures, for I am a product of different cultures although by ethnicity i am 100% Chinese of Teochew & Hakka descent.

What does it mean Hakka ?

It means, as I discover my lineage I begin to see how strong and vulnerable I can be, for the Hakkas are indomitable in spirit, and too much of it means a limiting form of obstinacy that obstructs good action, and sustainable solutions.

What I mean to say is that, we ought to embrace change, and risk as well as freedom in writing as it comes, and not think vs. white, good vs. get the gist : )

I appreciate each and everyone of you,
But LI has a maddening way of obstructing my intention to reply to each person here. I will try and try again, please be patient.

Should you wish to speak, I am available to skype: suechien.lee

Please introduce yourself.


What is your Achilles heel?

How do you deal with your weakness?

NO one 19/5/2016 · #11

#10 Agree! There's so much beauty in our imperfections, at the end it is the best human characteristic.

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Sue Chien Lee 19/5/2016 · #10

#9 @Catalina Gálvez Urrutia and @Anees Zaidi, so kind of you. There.s hidden beauty even in our weaknesses, verdad? If we care to learn 😉

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NO one 19/5/2016 · #9

I deal by looking at my weaknesses as opportunities to develop and learn something new. I agree that in order to have a better quality of everything, there's a need of balance. Great words @Sue Chien Lee

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Anees Zaidi 19/5/2016 · #8

Hi @Sue Chien Lee enjoyed your writing, your feelings and your thoughts. Yes, we need to change our mind set. There is always something between black n white, right n wrong. This is one's individual 'self'. His inner 'self'. Did we ever try to peek into that ' window' and see the hidden beauty?

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Sue Chien Lee 19/5/2016 · #7

#6 @Deb Helfrich thanks for discerning 😉

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Deb 🐝 Helfrich 19/5/2016 · #6

I know, of course, a lot of people look for writerly compositions, but I do truly value when I get a glimpse of someone's true mind. While more challenging than a listicle, I like reading pieces with a more stream of consciousness approach. You combine many ideas, @Sue Chien Lee and then let your reader discern what is most meaningful to them at that time. Which is how we navigate reality - through our own minds.

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Sue Chien Lee 19/5/2016 · #5

#1 @Ali Anani 大哥 , rather it.s me being healthily jealous of you. My 2016 aim is to read all you have on LI and beBee s l o w . L e e

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Sue Chien Lee 19/5/2016 · #3

#2 @Mark Blevins my title leads on to question the weaknesses in us all.

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