Rosegal Women' s Day 2018 Gifts - Rosegal Día de la mujer regalos

Wonder Woman is a superhero comic book and movie adaptation that shows the equally powerful and strong aspects of a woman. It’s feminist and a showcase that what men can do, women can do also, sometimes even better. Of course, we shall deal with this subject beyond the superficial characteristics of the character. I know, she is beautiful like a goddess and have the body that can make any man fall for her. But beyond that, she’s intelligent, independent, strong, athletic and determined.

Wonder Woman es una adaptación de cómics y películas de superhéroes que muestra los aspectos igualmente poderosos y fuertes de una mujer. Es feminista y un escaparate de lo que los hombres pueden hacer, las mujeres también pueden hacerlo, a veces incluso mejor. Por supuesto, trataremos este tema más allá de las características superficiales del personaje. Lo sé, es hermosa como una diosa y tiene el cuerpo que puede hacer que cualquier hombre se enamore de ella. Pero más allá de eso, es inteligente, independiente, fuerte, atlética y decidida.

Rosegal Women' s Day 2018 Gifts - Rosegal Día de la mujer regalos
Wonder Woman have a lot of qualities that one woman can ever possess, she may be a far-fetched idea but if you take the positive out of her you’ll end up being inspired: to take care of yourself, your skin, eat healthy and exercise to achieve that beautiful physique. You’ll be inspired to give your best in your chosen field, to keep learning for your advancement. You’ll be inspired to become fearless, make decisions and do things independently.
I believe that every female created is a real-life Wonder Woman. Personally speaking, I look up to all the wonderful women in my life; I surround myself with wonderful women. Because I get inspired by them and they empower me as well. You know who are the strong women are, they are the ones building each other up instead of tearing each other down. That’s why I am blessed that I have these kinds of women in my life. For sure, you have them too, like your mother, your professor, your aunt, a family friend or your best friend

Wonder Woman tiene muchas cualidades que una mujer puede poseer, puede ser una idea >>> Seguir leyendo