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Top Qualities That DBA Consultant Should Have

Top Qualities That DBA Consultant Should HaveSearching for a DBA consultant is a tricky proposition. Expert DBAs are not exactly easy to find. There are not huge signs hanging around their neck advertising their skills to the rest of the world. What’s even worse is, the best consultants get plucked by large companies before you know they are in the market.

So, how can you spot an expert DBA consultant early enough? Here are a few qualities to look out for. This list of qualities will help you zero in on skilled consultants before large companies snatch them up.

Qualities of an Expert DBA Consultant


Logic is trait every problem-solver possesses. Einstein used logic to work out the laws of the universe. Winston Churchill used logic to win the Second World War for the Allied. A DBA consultant relies on logic to solve problems on numerous relational databases.

The life of a DBA is pretty much like the life of a fireman. Both must put out fires as fast as they start. Without logical skills, it would take a DBA an eternity to troubleshoot a problem with an SQL server. Logic deduction is absolutely necessary to tell when a problem is due to an SQL instance failure and not a full drive.

Profound Knowledge of Disaster Recovery and Backup

There are three instances when you need help from your DBA consultant. You call in the consultant to set up the database for first time use. Second, you need the consultant to make regular backups of the database, and third, when the database grinds to a halt, you want your DBA to recover everything.

A DBA expert consultant knows how important these three roles are to any relational database. You should ask him or her questions related to any of these three areas to gauge their expertise. As them, for instance, how many times they plan to backup your database. If you get answers in the region of once a month, move on to the next candidate.

Insatiable Thirst For Knowledge

The technology behind relational databases changes constantly. With every release of the SQL server, lots of new functionalities are added. DBA expert consultants must keep ahead of all these changes to effectively administer any database.