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10 Powerful Tips to Hire React Developers

React Developers also known as React JS has become a trendy JavaScript library today. As the demand for React JS is increasing, demand for React JS developers are also increasing. Technical recruiter repeatedly isstuck when they don’t receive resumes with strong background and skill set. Here, you can seek help from a React Development Company from where you can get the best developers.

10 Powerful Tips to Hire React Developers

As there are many complex and lengthy processes involved while hiring for the React JS job role, here is a quick guide for you to make this process easy and yet successful.

1. Evaluate Your Project

First, you need to know the details of your project clearly in order to find out which kind of person you need to hire for your team. Then you can easily hire React developer that best suits your requirements.

2. Create a Clear Job Description

Every important detail of the job, some necessary information about your company and the project should be given in the job description.


Candidate sourcing is an important process of hiring. It involves time and research to look for candidates who will match your target profile. It is better to search through different sourcing platforms based upon your criteria of work experience as well as related skills so that you can hirethe right person.

4. Examining the Portfolio

The CV and portfolio of React Js developers can say a lot about the expertise they can offer. Firstly, the candidate's experience is important. Secondly, since the React community keeps updating the features and libraries, it is essential for the candidate to follow the latest trends and monitor changes in React interface.

5. Ask for references

In addition, you may ask for references or try to find comment on your candidate’s work in the community and job forums. This allows you to have a better understanding of his capabilities.

6. Screening

Screeningof the candidate or React Development Companycan be done through different levels including resume screening, candidate screening, background screening. Screening before interviewing will sort out only the best candidates with appropriate skills and ability.


Selectonly the best candidates from above process so that you will be left with very few candidates to interview.


Verify if the candidate really wants to work in your company by giving him a test task asking him to solve task in a framework. It will help you to find if the candidate can find the solutions even though he hasn’t worked with the frame before.

9. Technical test

JavaScript related questions and problems should be given to the candidates to solve during the interview to test them.

10. Selection

You should consider the scores of the screening process and interview select the best suitable candidate for your organization.Hiring React developer with a clear and planned approach will enable you to get the best employee for your organization.

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