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Get The Top 8 Free Keyword Research Tools

At present, search engine optimization (SEO) service providers and professionals working in this field mostly rely on the idea of choosing one free keyword research tool that can assist them in various ways.Keyword Research tools are perhaps the most important tools that facilitate any of us to pursue Internet/Affiliate Marketing as a business. Keyword research is one of the most important SEO factors that help a website to get tons of searches. If you know what people are searching for you then you can easily help them achieve their goals as well as yours.

Get The Top 8 Free Keyword Research Tools

With the use of effective keyword research tools you can create a popular niche, find related markets, rank well in search engines for specific topics driving traffic to your site and promote your products and services by boosting your marketing effectiveness.Here, we have a list of 8 free keyword research tools:

1. Google Trends: The Google Trendsis a free keyword research tool that helps users to get some incredible data about keyword searches in the Google search engine.It shows how often a given keyword is entered into Google’s search engine related to the total search volume of the site over a particular time period. This free keyword research tool can be used for comparative keyword research, and specific search volume variation.

2. Keyword Shitter: It is another important free keyword research tool that helps in generating medium tail and long tail keywords. The tool- Keyword Shitter gives you word formations that are related to your query in volume, also provides all the related words and phrases, and once you click on search, it will go on until you stop it. It doesn’t inform you how many times the keyword is searched but gives you the results from the beginning to the end. This tool is primarily used as a suggestion tool that gives you new ideas.

3. AdWord& SEO Keyword Permutation Generator: Another important free keyword research tool in the market is AdWord& SEO Keyword Permutation Generator. This free keyword tool enables you to automatically generate new combinations from several lists of keywords. It enables you to combine lists of keywords in every possible permutation. It further enables users to place AdWords ads in a more targeted way using phrases. Using this keyword tool, you can be more creative with the keywords searches that support your site, marketing strategy and goals.

4. Answer the Public:One of the best ways to gather keywords is by knowing what questions your visitors are already asking. You can easily find out this through the free keyword research tool Answer The Public. It is designed to visualize the search questions and then provide a suggested autocomplete searches in an image called a search cloud including categories like the 5 Ws, plus ‘how’, ‘can’, ‘are’, ‘which’ and ‘will’.

5. Google Correlate: Another significant keyword tool in the list of free keyword research tool is Google Correlate. It enables to uncover keywords with alike time-based or regional search patterns to the data series or search query you provide. Termed as the Google Trends antonym, it givespatterns pointing to keywords rather than keywords producing patterns. Many marketers, anthropologists, economists and many others use this free keyword tool to study and predict human behavior use this tool.

6. Keywords Surfer: Keyword Surfer is an important free keyword tool facilitating you to examine Google search results without logging into or purchasing any app. Most important part of this too is that it provides you with all the data directly within SERPs. The tool enables you to get search volumes, multiple keywords suggestions, and related terms once you type your target phrase and press enter. It also gives you the number of quality backlinks and estimated organic traffic for all the ranking pages.

7. Wordtracker Scout: Wordtracker Scout enables you to get fast and effective live keyword research. Using this tool will allow you to find out exactly what keywords your competitors are using. It enables you toevaluate any web page you choose. You can easily expose keyword ideas for your own marketing strategy and get competitive approaching into each of those keywords.

8. Google Search Console: Another top free keyword research tool is Google Search Console. This tool enables you to observe the performance of your site in Google Search andhow Google views your site and optimize its organic presence. It also allows you to test the authority and performance of a given page.

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