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How to Identify Chinese Paper Cup Machines and Indian Paper Cup Machines

Today, we are available with different types of disposable cups in the market. Paper cups are considered the best form of disposable cups because they are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Paper cups are largely being used in restaurants, hotels, and house parties and are the best option for serving drinks. One of the most important advantages of paper cups is that they are produced of biodegradable paper that is recyclable and disposable making them environment friendly. The manufacturing of these cups requires advanced machinery and paper cup making machines manufacturers are available in the market.
How to Identify Chinese Paper Cup Machines and Indian Paper Cup Machines

The popularity and growing demand for paper cups in the market have given more and more people a platform to start their own business in paper cup manufacturing. If you are also planning to start a manufacturing unit of paper cups then you should purchase the best machine to produce good quality paper cups. In the market, both Chinese and Indian manufacturers of paper cup making machines are available leaving you with a range of options to choose from. However, it is important to choose the best machine manufacturer to produce hygienic and eco-friendly cups.

Here are a few tips to choose the best manufacturer of paper cup making machines.

· Before you pick the reliable manufacturer, carry out extensive market research. Check the company’s profile to choose the best and trustworthy manufacturer in the market.

· Next, you should check the features of the machinery. Ensure to gather all the required information.

· Always opt for a machine that produces cups of different sizes at a faster pace and with less rejection of cup.

Now, you must be thinking about how to identify Chinese paper cup machines and Indian paper cup machines. Below, are a few differences between Chinese and Indian machines for making paper cups.

The key differences are:

1. Chinese machines produce only 50 to 250 ml cups but Indian machines like the BM 10000 paper cup machine can produce 50 to 330 ml cups.

2. Chinese machines produce upto 50 cups per minute but Indian paper cup making machines produce upto 60 cups.

3. Chinese paper cup making machines consume 5kw power whereas Indian machines consume only 3.5kw

4. Indian machines are usually of 2 tonnes of weight and thus it makes less vibration and noise than Chinese machines.

5. Indian machines make use of SeLectand Siemens PLC whereas Chinese manufacturers use feeble components in their paper cup manufacturing machines.