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Best 5 VOD Platform Service Providers to Build your Video On Demand Website

Best 5 VOD Platform Service Providers to Build your Video On Demand Website

In the world, 70% of households have at least one video-on-demand subscription, and each subscriber pays money every month. It specifies that VOD has the future, and it offers services to the customers to see their media. The unlimited options of VOD in the list of movies, series, music videos, programmers on the video-on-demand platform. The massive growth of video streaming is rising with the exploding use of digital media devices and smartphones. Modern technology allows any person from small business to the company to create its own VOD platform. Selecting the best VOD providers is equally important as it sets the base for your business. 

Now, let us discuss the popular video on demand solution providers worth every effort spent to build your video on demand website.

1. Webnexs.

Webnexs is one of the leading VOD platform providers. It provides rigid collections to all types of users. It is a global platform where telecasts, artists, video creators, and media entrepreneurs can launch their video streaming service. 


Webnexs VOD comes with all purposes which we require for flexibility and accessibility needed for both conventional and modern broadcasters. When it comes to the video on demand offered by the platform, other than SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, it provides push video on the market and catch up TV. While catching up TV allows users to enjoy their time after the original broadcast, push video on demand allows content providers to move content to the set-top box users even if they did not request the content. OTT TV, live-streaming, video content syndication, 100% customization, digital rights management are some of the best features.


Mastering Webnexs doesn't require extra technical knowledge or programming skills. Its features are powerful CMS to control everything from a single admin panel. Multiple monetization channels and payment building are some other advantages. 


It is mainly composed of media businesses, and media enterprises to have the maximum benefits of features. It doesn't provide to all industries.

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2. Dacast.

DaCast is a famous cloud-based hosting platform for on-demand videos and live-streaming. It is a user-friendly, highly functional and flexible solution that comes with immense white label player and paywall integration. 


Whether you deliver on-demand videos or live content, DaCast can help you to reach the audience globally. DaCast distributes content via Akamai CDN to broadcast high-quality streams on all devices. An adaptive video player lowers the buffer and supports multi-bitrate streaming. They offer the users a single experience view. 

DaCast features an inherent HTML5 video player that is customizable. It also highlights a range of monetization options, including pay per view, subscription, and advertising to your channel. There is a straight commission of almost 10% for each purchase. DaCast provides an affordable and straightforward live-streaming solution letting businesses to broadcast high-quality live videos from their website. To stream live using DaCast, you require a camera, microphone, and an encoder. DaCast comes with a free encoder Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)studio, which is for beginners. However, as you increase your audience, a paid encoder is needed to support multiple bitrate encoding. Some other features are video players, video hosting, embedded links, content management API, analytics, etc. 


DaCast is a complete solution for HD video on demand, live-streaming, and video monetization. Another benefit is the white label characteristic and the ability to customize the integrated video player and add a watermark logo for your content. Full API access lets brands to build custom workflows and incorporate features. 


DaCast comes with a high commission structure.

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3. Flicknexs.

Flicknexs is an experienced video-on-demand solution to launch your video streaming services. It focuses on offering customizable video streaming platforms for businesses. Also, it provides robust monetization options like SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and more to increase your revenue. Their VOD solutions are sociable across all web-based apps and mobile appliances, making them highly flexible and workable. 


Assisted by AWS cloud, Flicknexs has a strong back to manage video database, analytical reports, user subscriptions, and more. It pairs with high-end trans-coding to enable a buffer-free video streaming experience. 

The platform also uses adaptive bit-rate to support the seamless delivery of live streams. It also features intuitive video content management allowing you to upload, store, and organize video libraries. Significant video player, video hosting, HD trans-coding, podcasting, IP camera streaming, social media incorporation, digital rights management system, etc. are some other features.


Friendliness with AWS and webnexs server, inbuilt video analytics, live streaming capabilities, reliable video hosting, etc. are some significant benefits. 


It won't offer a free trial, which can be a turn off for users who want to try out the commodity before making a purchase. 

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4. Vidizmo

Vidizmo is a complete VOD solution that offers creative VOD streaming and live streaming solutions to companies. It holds AI to provide robust and powerful video solutions to both small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Vidizmo provides business-ready solutions through its out-of-the-box capabilities to help you launch a cost video business video-on-demand platform. Vidizmo offers a multi-tenancy platform with different outlets to separate both internal and external users. 

This platform supports a vast range of file formats for audios, videos, pictures, and documents. Vidizmo permits video streaming for different purposes like entertainment, training, learning, education, submission, etc.


On-demand HD streaming, advanced, rational tools, integration with API & widgets, multiple device compatibility are some significant pros. 


Vidizmo offers remote support through the screen sharing for only EnterpriseTube users.

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5. Uscreen

Uscreen is a complete video hosting platform that allows video creators to share their content safely and profitably. A simple and powerful software as a service solution offers video creators full authority over video monetization. With Uscreen, both small and large-scale video services can host videos for any market size. It lets you sell single videos and set up subscription plans as well.


The platform is natural and straightforward to use, and it's easy for the people who have no scientific experience to operate with it. Pre-built templates are accessible to display your videos, and it can be customized according to your needs using a visual editor.

Uscreen allows anyone to create a video on demand platform easily and sell their content online without any worries about hosting videos. With the increasing popularity of subscription-based VOD services like Netflix. Uscreen permits users to access purchased content anytime through any device. 

Uscreen has turned out live-streaming features enabling the ability to live stream through their platform. Live-streamed content can be offered free, sold separately, or combined with the current packages. It comes with an effective CDN that lets you broadcast live streams smoothly from any device across the world. 


Uscreen is an all-in-one VOD development platform to sell and manage on-demand videos. It operates on a subscription model, preferably a revenue share model so that you can keep all the revenue for yourself. It also provides a live streaming solution for online events, which is one of the best additions. 


It doesn't support the AVOD monetization model and is the major con of the Uscreen platform. Additionally, as it provides only three customizable website themes, the choices are limited to the website builder.

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As video streaming websites like Netflix, YouTube, are imposing its net worth every day, the demand for a video-on-demand webpage will be a rational one. There is sufficient space for new players on how to start a business and build a video streaming website.

The primary thing for a business is to focus on the strategy to launch their video streaming solution and combine with the best solution providers to have a profitable video streaming platform. The larger providers such as Amazon and Netflix, we will talk later in the other streaming services post.

The above VOD service providers offer guaranteed quality solutions to build your video-on-demand services. While choosing a platform, make sure that you choose the one that best suits your business requirement, goals, and budget.

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