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Best Smartphone Film Global Awards Show

There is a growing community which has been underground for a long time. I am proud to be a part of it but...many of us have tried to bring it into the mainstream for a very long time. We have created platforms for it to flourish, provided tools and services and have even produced media around it. We have put in time and effort and given a lot of ourselves, professionally and personally. We did it because we were passionate. 

While some of us gave up or had to quit, others are now coming on board. But let's face it, when there was nothing in existence promoting it, there were a handful of us with a vision for the future. I began to promote my vision in 2009. That is a long time ago as we come close to 2018.

Mobile film is finally just cresting into the mainstream. It is now an emerging industry. Making movies with mobile phones and smartphones has become more than a thing or a niche. Last year, I introduced "mobile feature" films to the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego (20-60 minutes in length) and this year we included genuine mobile feature films (40-80 minutes in length) as a separate competition. Our short films are between one and five minutes in length. With the growing interest in mobile filmmaking, I decided the time had arrived to give this growing community of filmmakers using the camera on their mobile phones a new platform. It has been referred to as the Oscars of mobile film. 

Best Smartphone Film Global Awards Show

The founding members of the Global Mobile Film Awards™ are SF3 Smartphone FlickFest in Sydney, Australia; Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana; and our own International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, California. Any film festival or official contest platform for film and video can be a member upon approval, it doesn't have to be exclusive to mobile films, but the nominees for GMFA have to have shot their films with smartphones and meet the criteria. 

GMFA brings a new platform reserved for filmmakers who have won official awards to be nominated by member film festivals. However, if they won an award from a festival or contest who is not a member, they can submit their own nomination with a fee and if they meet the criteria and are selected, they may be a part of it. Which means, their films will be an official nominee for the year and will compete for the honor of being selected by industry judges as the "best of" in the category they were nominated.

The world of mobile film is opening up to being a pretty awesome community and is now beginning to really get some mainstream recognition. The world of the traditional industry will soon realize it will need to adapt itself to merge. A long time ago, the world of film was analog film and then the digital age came and the film industry had to adapt into it. This is part of the evolution of the film industry. The uniqueness of this time is that this industry is now, much like the book publishing and music publishing industry, democratizing itself. In other-words, it's given power to everyone. If you have a mobile phone, or have access to one (and who doesn't) you can begin to tell your stories through film by using the camera. It may take two or more tries to make something you can submit to a film festival or something that can be nominated into the Global Mobile Film Awards. But if you don't give up and learn from each attempt, you will only inspire yourself and the world around you with what you produce. 

This is our very first year with Global Mobile Film Awards™ and it was launched on February 19, 2017. It will gradually increase it's criteria and the quality of the films will also increase because technology is bringing better cameras to our phones but mainly, it's because creating films from wonderful stories is a learning curve more people are capable of doing with what they learn from their experience. Remember, Steven Spielberg started out as a storyteller and learned how to make films by giving it his best try each time and learned a lot from the process of creating and failing. Every filmmaker I have ever talked to or met says the same thing, "I learned how I can do it better the next time." Let there be a next time but first, let there be a first time! 

The Global Mobile Film Awards™ show is now playing for a limited time. Don't miss the show! Click on Play All to watch the entire show hands-free so you can enjoy your popcorn. Winners will be announced December 10. Subscribe to the channel so you don't miss it. If you want to know more about the judges, nominees and GMFA in general, go here

Also, there are a few episodes in our podcast SBP Podcast: The Voice of Mobile Film where episodes two, four & five feature filmmakers who are a part of the nominations for 2017. You will find ways to listen on iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, etc. 

S. Botello Productions™ was founded by Susan Botello and created the International Mobile Film Festival, an unaccredited Mobile Film School, GMFA, SBP Podcast and other programs focused on growing the mobile film industry all over the world.

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Susan Botello 26/1/2018 · #13

#12 Glad to hear it! Join us!

Evren Ozdemir 25/1/2018 · #12

I was unaware that there was even a mobile film group. This has piqued my interest. Great article!

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Ya me dí cuenta, perdón 😅. Por eso lo pregunté por aquí.
En inglés o subtitulado en inglés. Perfecto gracias por contestar.

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Susan Botello 16/1/2018 · #10

#9 They can be in another language but subtitled in English. I understand your question better under the context of this post as opposed to the other post where we were talking about videos for businesses. Thanks for asking here, @Irene 🐝 Rodriguez Escolar

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Ok Susan. I ask the question again, maybe the quick buzz was not the right place.
The movies made with the smartphone, should be only in english?

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Susan Botello 5/12/2017 · #8

#7 Thanks @Debesh Choudhury. Exciting! They are available to the public right now until December 10. Check them out before they go offline.

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Debesh Choudhury 5/12/2017 · #7

Great news @Susan 🐝 Botello, films by smartphones are as sensational as the movies shot by traditional devices. Hope to see some of the movies if shared freeely in the social media after the event. Best wishes for the event

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Susan Botello 3/12/2017 · #6

#5 Thank you, @Louise Smith!

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