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Are YOU Free this Friday Funday?

Are YOU Free this Friday Funday?

Don't you love how words have different meanings, depending on context? Of course, it makes learning any language that much more difficult, but for native speakers, it gives us a chuckle to see how some words can be misunderstood, either deliberately or by accident.

Take the word "chicken." It can mean the bird whose flesh many of us eat, and it can mean to run away from conflict (to "chicken" out). Notice below who is NOT following my friend, John Marrett . . .

Yes, some days are just like this . . .

Below is a woman after my own heart!

Here's another phrase (go back) that can mean many things, including returning something  to a store or turning something backwards, like a clock, as we'll do tomorrow night (at least here in the U.S.) as daylight savings time ends for this year.

Is he funny or what? Love this!

And my favorite for today, if only because we all misre