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Fly the "Friendly" Friday Funday Skies!

Fly the "Friendly" Friday Funday Skies!It’s the Friday after the American Thanksgiving holiday, and I know a lot of folks flew to be with their friends and family at this time. I can’t imagine how you survived! I hope your visit is going well, and that you’ll also survive the return trip. (See the BONUS gift to you at the end of this post for those who flew.)

In honor of your efforts — and of those of you who drove, took the train, or even stayed home and hosted — here are some fun pics to enjoy.

The first three are from a friend, Sandy DeRaffele, who is on a roll lately with great stuff!

Imagine having to mention this! Of course, on Black Friday . . . (From Steve Tannuzzo — Tannuzzo Copywriting)

Open door like this?

And my favorite today — for all those who cooked, cleaned, served, and survived the onslaught of family and friends yesterday:

BONUS: Directions

Which one is YOUR favorite today?

Many of these funnies come from Facebook pages that you can access any time you need a few more good laughs. My favorites are Single Dad Laughing, I am not a grammar cop, Language Cranks Redux, Pun Based Humor, The Valley of Pun Memes, Wrong Hands, and Tannuzzo Copywriting.

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These are fun, Susan. I like the Majestic ass biscuit and the wtf's per hr!

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#10 Yeah, I loved the directions one, too, @Pamela 🐝 Williams, and I LOVE knowing it sparked such a fun memory for you! Thank you for letting me/us know that.

Pamela 🐝 Williams 25/11/2017 · #10

Either Turkey causes the funny bone to be extra sensitive, or they are all hilarious this week. I literally laughed out loud at the Bonus. Goes back to a memory of a trip across the US. We stopped for breakfast and the rest of the horde (my siblings) immediately went back to sleep. As we were pulling out of the parking lot my mother asked me (an 8 years old) what direction we had come from and in all innocence I set us back 200 miles. There was nothing to be seen but the desert of the southwest before we saw the last gas station we had visited. Moral of the story; Don't ask a sleepy 8-year-old, full of pancakes, for directions. I think that qualifies as a major WTF for my mother. She had to fill up at the gas station...again

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Thanks to @David B. Grinberg and everyone else who shared my buzz; I really appreciate it.

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#5 And I laughed out loud when I saw it, @Alexa Steele, so I'm glad you enjoyed it too!

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#6 There really are some days that's close, @Ken Boddie, so I had to include it! Thanks for always commenting on my buzzes!

Ken Boddie 24/11/2017 · #6

OK, Susan. It's now official. The new unit of sudden inspirational velocity is the ‘WTF/hr’. 😳💡⚡️
Hope you had an enjoyable holiday.

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