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Tuesday Tricksters, Lain -- Laps

Tuesday Tricksters, Lain -- Laps

More tricky words for (fore, four) your learning pleasure! I (eye) call them tricky, but (butt, butte) they're (there, their) usually referred to (two, too) as homophones. Smart writers take great (grate) care while writing because these words can trip us up if we're (weir) not (knot) paying strict attention.

Lain (v.): past participle of the verb "to lie" (She has lain down all night.)

Lane (n.) a narrow walkway; a prescribed passageway

Loch (n.): a lake

Lock (n.): a device for securing something; (v.): to secure

Lam (n.): headlong flight, usually to escape punishment for a crime (on the lam)

Lamb (n.): a baby sheep

Lama (n.): a master of Tibetan Buddhism (the Dalai Lama)

Llama (n.): a South American mammal of the camel family

Laps (n.): plural of "lap": the upper legs of a seated person; one circuit around a race track; (v.): to drink liquid with the tongue (the dog laps his water quietly); to overtake a straggler in a race

Lapse (n.): a temporary failure in judgment or behavior or something that has declined in quality; (v.): to become inactive, invalid, to end, or to stop doing something

Were any of these new to you?


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