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Wednesday Words: Quiz on Commonly Confused English Words, #1

Wednesday Words: Quiz on Commonly Confused English Words, #1

Hi everyone -- it's Wednesday, and it's time for a quiz to make sure everyone reading this is comfortable with some of the most confusing words in English. I'm keeping the quiz short, so that you can concentrate on the five sets of words you may be unclear about. There will be another quiz next week. Stay tuned!

And remember: spellcheck is NOT your friend with these!




1. The cat was just (laying / lying / lieing) on the bed.

2.  Douglas was (sighted / sited / cited) for speeding.

3.  (Desert / dessert) and coffee are included with your meal.

4.  Diane and John (emigrated / immigrated) from Ireland last year.

5. His eyes are bigger (then / than) his stomach!

Ready for the answers?

I have given you some help with each, mostly showing you a letter or letters that can remind you of the correct usage.

1.  Lying (help here)

2.  Cited (given a citation)

3.  Dessert (remember sugar is sweet)

4.  Emigrated (exited)

5.  Than (a comparison)

So, how did you do? Will any of the tips help you going forward?

By the way, if you have any suggestions for words in this series, please do let me know, OK?


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