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Mission possible: prosperous world

Mission possible: prosperous worldOur world experienced unprecedented economic development after second world war specifically during 1960 to 1990. This happened mainly due to advancement in technology which increased productivity manifold and thus provided mankind a different experience of living. Ready to eat foods and all household gadgets made our life simple at very nominal prices.

Despite of this our world today still experiencing evils like inequalities and poverty and world has to go a very long ahead to reach a perfect prosperous world.

Things that deterring is mainly short slightness of capitalism where rich becoming reacher and poor becoming poorer. This is the most prominent evil among all that is making our economy worse. Investors are worried about returns and compelling companies to earn more and more by expanding profit margin. If not able to satiated with sales use cost cutting measures right from freezing wages to implementing austerity measures. Results market gone down for all most everything. And economist envisaging crisis ahead.

Now, time has reach where these capitalists need to change their objective of only profit making to only single entity to objectives that businesses is meant for societies. Apart from earning everyone should make objective to engage in philanthropic activities whether it is corporate or an individual. This should be imparted from childhood through school education to training and workshop. 

This is means for long term mission for prosperous world. Another major hindrance in the mission: prosperous world is productivity where we can improve a lot. It's true we have gained productivity to a very great extent and must remember that it is due to embracing technological advances and organizing, abiding efficient systems and procedures. What is termed as industrial revolution. Now, time has reached where it is very imperative to make the people in centre stage to propel economic growth further.

Now, it is time to look for the means to increase human productivity. Today human productivity is suffering a lot from present life style of human. Stressful life with no time to maintain their physical health. Result people are embracing dreaded disease at very early age. Companies should take care of their stress and people's also needs to maintain their physical health by finding time for exercises.

We at Bindal Coir Pvt Ltd, our endeavor is to help in increase productivity by providing best mattress at reasonable prices to all in society. So that backache, the most dreaded disease which had engulfed the most of working people in a society is minimized to great extent and thus contribute some in The mission: prosperous world.

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Good sleep starts with a good mattress.

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