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Sleep revolution: Today's need

Sleep revolution: Today's needRevolution is very powerful and has a capabilities to transform the society. Human mankind seen ages and revolution to meet its necessity of society for centuries. Man's journey from stone age to internet has transformed the society completely. Today man has everything to lead their life comfortably. Fast and easy transportation, communication and other physical facilities that helps them to do their work efficiently and effectively to contribute in socioeconomic development of our world.

It is true that we developed so much but at the same time we have developed misconceptions too and one of the most prevalent that development and growth are same and actually it is not so. For centuries buzzword  growth and development is prevalent in society and as considered same development actually happened drastically but after late 21st century pesudo growth slowly started replacing development. Aftermath, today human mankind is in extreme pressure to perform and excel to register growth year after year unaware of fact that development is left behind and they are only in race of growth. As quoted by someone that motive of only growth is as good as cancer and should be considered as disease. Diseases that as arises evils like inequality, inflation that makes poor's life miserable and hard to live and responsible for world wide economic recessions. Extreme pressure to perform in environment of present economic conditions where Darwin's theory of "survival the fitest "seems true, also developed dreadful diseases specially backache and sleep disorders which is prominent and large mass of work force is suffering from these diseases and hindering productivity and thus hindering further, the journey of human mankind towards prosperity.

To take the journey of human mankind further every institution right from country's departments to cottage industries should understand the true meaning of development and considering all perspectives, strive how to contribute in socioeconomic development and stop in misleading on the terms development and growth are same.

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