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Turning point: Action against black wealth.

Indian prime minister Shree Narendra Modi has taken a bold step against black wealth by banning Rs 1000 and Rs 500 as legal tender. India comes with mixed reaction major common welcomed this move and opposition parties somehow partially supported and opposed the move by citing reasons as this move troubled poor people.

Being a economics student and understanding of country's economy, I welcome this move and expect betterment for country in future. May be, today we are facing lots of trouble. For betterment of ours and our country it is OK for us and this situation is also for few days only. So we need not panic, keep patience and need to learn few things.

As citizens we also have some duties towards our countrycountry, so instead of blaming government on the line of some politician. We should realize that some our wrong habit will still encourage some dishonest people to accumulate black money in future also. For example, why we draw cash from ATM and then shop. We should and must trust the online payment system as today it is foolproof and no fraud will happen if we keep updated and aware. 

Use banking system more and more you can, this will help to check generation of black money or ready to face similar consequences in future also. We will curtail our expenses or postpone in this hard time but think of those poor people who can't bear this situation as they earn daily. As common people we request some people who are opposing this move on the line of some opposition parties and understand that they have some vested political interest and creating hue and cry in the name of poor people.

It is all about will, our prime minister has shown his honest political will now its our turn. Once again use more and more banking system and encourage poor also to use it. Don't be self centric and worry about charges, as  they are giving us better services and it is antibiotic for black money also.Turning point: Action against black wealth.