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Utopia ahead

Utopia aheadThese days the greatest worries of ours are inflation ,economic recession etc as these making our lives on globe hard for living of large portion of population of world arising a very vexed question. Whether these evils of modern economy will vanish in future or will remain persistent throughout of civilization.

 In my opinion these issues will definitely get rectified in future and see as a journey of civilization towards utopia. To understand this we have to retrospect of till date journey of civilization in context of political and economic developments.

 Civilizations seen novice difficulties of human mankind and how they overcame by innovation and discoveries.

 Emergence of political boundaries and its stability took centuries and experienced to world war and blood sheds. Now political stability is there but problem of blood sheds changed its face from political wars to terrorism and world need to get unite to face and eradicate it with full force.

 On other hand, economic development experienced that the love and madness for currency which is invented for ease of transactions. Race of opulence has become hindrance in journey of human mankind. Rich are becoming richer and poor becoming poorer and this is emanating evils like inflation and further economic recession. The reason behind this is simply human temptation which has shown us the power to hinder the progressions. Human temptation can be overpower only by education of moral science. Educating Moral science should not be limited to schools but also extended to professional and politicians and treated above science and technology. World should show the power unity to curb this biggest enemy of human mankind.

 If human temptation tamed lead to ease the tensions what we facing today due to immense pressure at work. This will definitely give good sleep and get rid of backache which is today is the most dreaded disease in humans.

 We Bindal Coir Pvt Ltd being in providing comfort solutions we accept the challenges of sleep disorders and backache. Our endeavor is to conquer these evils and hope one day world will also conquer its economic evils and attains utopia.