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Music - The Strongest form of Magic!

What is it about Music which attracts us towards it?

Why do we listne to Music?

What is Music?

Music - The Strongest form of Magic!

If one goes by definition

Music is an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.

But is Music bound to a definition!

Music is universal isn’t it?

Music is the universal language no matter the country we are born in or the colour of our skin, brings us all together.  
Justin Bieber

When I asked my few close friends what is Music for them?

I received majority of answers stating ‘Music is a form of Entertainment for them ‘

I would like to add to it: ‘Along with Entertaining, Music heals us’

Do you agree?

Like most people, music is a huge part of my life and my tastes are constantly changing based on how I feel or what I’m doing.

Music brings out the true emotion within me.

When I am listening to music, it is just between me and the flowing music.

I would like to put it this way, that every song has two parts, one is the music and other is the lyrics. When the two combine it takes a notch higher!

It has the power to change the course of your mood. It may have different genres but each and everyone has a different emotion associated with it that’s the versatility and magic music has.

I feel Music fuels our mind thus it fuels our creativity.

I have heard students who have early musical training which helped develop the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning. The left side of the brain is better developed with music, and songs can help imprint information on young minds.

Professor Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist and composer, has unpacked the mystery of the emotion in music by explaining how the brain’s emotional, language and memory centers are connected during the processing of music providing us what is essentially a synesthetic experience.

He says the extent of this connection has been found to be seemingly variable among individuals, explaining how certain musicians have the ability to create pieces of music which are brimming with emotional quality, and others simply cannot.

Have you ever experienced ‘Music Moves You, Even If You Refuse to Dance’ the flow of the musical beats within you when you are into it? Like our hand movements or slight tapping by the feet.

Sometimes I understand the emotions of a piece of music without actually feeling them like listening to sad music is enjoyable, rather than depressing to me.

Same way few of my favorite songs who are my dose of motivation when neede are:

Music - The Strongest form of Magic!

Music - The Strongest form of Magic!

Music - The Strongest form of Magic!

Music - The Strongest form of Magic!

Music - The Strongest form of Magic!

I’m sure you all will also connect with a moment or more where a song has made you particularly sad or very excited and happy.

So what underlies all the effects that music has on our emotions, thoughts, and even decision-making?

Scientific investigation of the mechanisms behind music-evoked emotions is a rich field of enquiry within the psychology and neuroscience of music.

In recent decades, a number of attempts at describing these mechanisms and principles have been made.

Many theories on mechanisms that stir up emotions described by scientists are familiar to us all, but some are perhaps more surprising.

For instance, the role of memories in music-evoked emotion is quite a familiar to most people: many people have break-up songs - pieces they listened to during that emotional time and that can instantly bring on the emotional state experienced during the break-up even at a later time.

But did you know that researchers also speculate that music may convey emotional information by activating the mirror neuron system?

Or that your brain is very adept at processing complex musical structure, even if you’ve never laid hand on an instrument?

Strange isn’t it?

What are your thoughts about Music?

Are you or not inclined towards Music?

How you think would be life without music? I can’t think of a life without it, Can you?

Until next time... let's keep buzzing!!!

Sushmita Thakare Jain 24/11/2016 · #18

#17 @Dean Owen Thank you for stopping by and sharing your views appreciate it! I love lyric of the song too dear especially the one which are mentioned above yeah there are classics which have their own charm :) loved the post it's idea we all have the connection in some way or the other.

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Dean Owen 23/11/2016 · #17

Music provides a soundtrack to our lives. For me, music is like a post it. Each memory has post its' attached. Some are photos, some are songs, some are words. Either of these can trigger the memory. But I used to love the lyric too. They had meaning. These days I don't even understand the lyric. "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls"- Simon & Garfunkel

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Sushmita Thakare Jain 20/11/2016 · #16

#13 Yeah @Suzanne Music is the universal language we all know, this connection like you said does not undersatnd labels I never connect to a song or a piece because of the artist or brand or a band it's the Music they present and share with us helps us connect. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your views appreciate it!

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Sushmita Thakare Jain 20/11/2016 · #15

#12 It's my pleasure @Sara Jacobovici to write about's something which is so close to our hearts hence tried and summarised what I could say or share about it, I'm glad you liked the post dear it means a lot and feels nice when your words are appreciated. Thank you for sharing your views I express my gratitude 😊☺

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Sushmita Thakare Jain 20/11/2016 · #14

#11 @Chas Wyatt what a lovely way to sum up...loved it... 🎶🎤

+1 +1

Music is calming, music brings people together, There is no such thing as Millenials, or Gen x or Boomers in Music, Music does not understand labels. Music is universal

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Sara Jacobovici 19/11/2016 · #12

Thank you @Sushmita Thakare Jain for writing about a topic close to my heart. I grew up with music and knew that music would be part of my life always. So you can imagine how I felt when I discovered the field of Music Therapy back in 1981! I am happy to say that I have had the good fortune to practice as a therapist since. I'm glad you mentioned Daniel Levitin. Both his books, This Is Your Brain On Music and The World in Six Songs are must reads. As I went through the music you posted, it reminded me of how I ask some of the individuals I work with to create their autobiography through music; to identify the music that was significant from as far back as they can remember and to move chronologically through their life. The music time lines that the individuals have created have been tremendous. Thanks again for your post Sushmita.

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Chas ✌️ Wyatt 19/11/2016 · #11

"There's music in the sighing of a reed;
There's music in the gushing of a rill;
There's music in all things, if men had ears:
Their earth is but an echo of the spheres."
~Lord Byron.
"Music, when soft voices die,
Vibrates in the memory —
~Percy Bysshe Shelley.
"Music—the rich mastery of the gloomier emotions of our nature; Music—that seems to use the ears as a conductor to the heart, and teaches us more distinctly than any abstract philosophy can do, how mysteriously intimate is the union between soul and body—has to a great extent shared that honour; for Music and Poetry have been, and still are, always to continue inseparably, indissolubly allied..." ~Frederick Hinde, "Poetry", a lecture delivered in London on the evening of April 8, 1858.

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