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Vision the required Fuel to achieve your Dreams!

When I say Dreams the first thought which strikes me is

         When a dream is fulfilled, it is always a glorious feeling

I'd say; I'm a Dreamer, but we all agree I'm not the only one.

Deep beneath we all agree to have a Dream or more.

Don't we?

Vision the required Fuel to achieve your Dreams!

Is there any one out there who doesn't have a Dream or has never had it ever?

What are your Dreams? Would you like to share them?

When I completed my Engineering, I too had a dream. I wanted to start my own a Business. It’s been 06 years

& counting since I choose the path and still have a long way to go ahead.

But is having a Dream the only requirement to achieve or accomplish what we want?

For me along with my Dreams I need a Vision  which drives me ahead to accomplish what I am aiming for.

When I began i knew it very well that only having a Dream or a Desire to start and set up a Business will not be the only requirement, if I want it will need to work for it!

The Dreams we see with our Eyes wide open are the Goals we plan for us.

Some may want to travel some might want luxurious lifestyle it differs for all of us. 

You may think
What’s the big deal, what difference does it make whether I call them dreams or goals?

Taking action is what sets the dreamers apart from the wishers.

Even tough the starting point of all achievement is desire. Desire could be an idea or hope that is impractical.

Goal setting and knowing how to set goals for yourself would lead you to accomplishing great things in your life.

Hence said:

The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.

— Bill Copeland

When we have a goal written down with a set date for accomplishment gives you something to plan and work, make a plan for the path you need to follow to accomplish the goal.

Writing down the goal, the plan and a time-line sets events in motion it is an external representation of your inner desires.It helps me monitor my growth from time to time.

Vision the required Fuel to achieve your Dreams!

When we began what we have is a big dream that may seem impossible to accomplish, what we need is to break down our dream or desire into manageable stages. Smaller, “stepping stone goals” provide positive reinforcement and a sense of accomplishment along the way.

I have seen many people abandon goals because they’re just too big.

But we must remember 

Every important goal will present you with challenges along the way. If you are not totally committed to success, those challenges could seem insurmountable. Making a total commitment to success will shrink those challenges down so you can climb over them.

Like when are beginners in swimming we don't dive in we go ahead with basic steps. 

I came across this wonderful quote

“It’s funny how day by day, nothing changes but when you look back everything is different.”

Try and move yourself away from such negative distractions. 

Instead of being entranced with what the future may bring, we need to learn to love the work you desire.

Enjoying our day by day progress and realistic ‘checkpoints’ is a much more practical way to create our future; getting lost in grandiose dreams that focus only on the ultimate end is not.

        Do you agree?

Have you thought about your dreams and planned towards their accomplishment?

Share what have you planned for your self, you never know it could inspire someone to go ahead with their!

What negative distractions have any of you encountered?  How did you deal with them?

Looking forward to receive replies or comments from dreamers like me. 

Until next time

Keep dreaming and stay positive!

Sushmita Jain 30/9/2016 · #21

#20 Hello @David Navarro López , it's good to know you liked my post. I have been on the journey it's difficult but as you take successful baby steps ahead it makes you feel good, the feeling experienced can't be expressed what I feel is if when even accomplishing a small task is make me feel so good how will I feel when I get what I have dreamed of! The driving force within is what makes you focused and helps you strike the hammer with full force. I know i have a long journey ahead looking forward for it, fingers crossed!

Also Thank you @David Navarro López for inviting me to the group Bubbling Bee :-)

David Navarro López 30/9/2016 · #20

This post is really a Gem. I could not find a sentence to highlight above others, as all are of a big value. I have been as well in the process of having a dream, and making it to become true, and I agree that the path you exposed is the right one. One of the steps it was more difficult to me to learn, wa as you describe "Every important goal will present you with challenges along the way. If you are not totally committed to success, those challenges could seem insurmountable. Making a total commitment to success will shrink those challenges down so you can climb over them"
You have made of me a devoted follower with this post, and look forward to have more of it.
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@Ali Anani @Sara Jacobovici @Fatima Williams @Savvy Raj you need to see this

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Sushmita Jain 30/9/2016 · #19

#17 @Franci Eugenia Hoffman that's a chain reaction necessary in our lives, without it what would we do! 'A life without goals is like a race without finish line; you're running just running nowhere.' Glad you liked it & thank you for sharing.

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I love this statement "Taking action is what sets the dreamers apart from the wishers." Without dreams, we wouldn't have goals. Without goals, we wouldn't take action.

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Sushmita Jain 25/9/2016 · #16

#15 That's so true @Pamela L. Williams we all meet such professionals in our life at some point or the other, I was too diagnosed and treated wrong by one of my Doctor 3 years ago which resulted me being paralyzed & bed ridden for 4 months thank full I am to the Doctor recommended by one of our family friend who could bring me out of it or else life would have been so different thinking about it still scares the life out of me. Thank you @Pamela L. Williams for helping me understand the term.

Pamela 🐝 Williams 24/9/2016 · #15

#14 Quacks are just incompetent professionals or they just don't care enough to put in the effort and so their patients pay the price. I once had a doctor tell me I was just stressed and wanted to give me a 'magic pill'. A periodontist (a gum doctor) found a sinus infection that had reached dangerous levels. I ended up having surgery. It was so bad that surgeon told me that 6 more months and it would have been in my brain and there would have been nothing anyone could have done for me (in other words I would have died). There was no reason the GP shouldn't have figured out what was happening. I had all the signs. (this I was told by the surgeon). I was just a patient on a conveyor belt and he wanted me in and out as fast a possible. That Sushmita is a QUACK! It was a good thing I didn't listen to him because the 'magic pill' would have hidden the symptoms. There are wonderful professionals out there, you just have to find them.

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Sushmita Jain 24/9/2016 · #14

#13 Medical 'quacks' quite an interesting term, would like to know more about! @Pamela L. Williams thanking you for providing me reality check wherein whether it may be east or west the problems faced by as us kids are the same!