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I am Thankful This American Thanksgiving

        I am Canadian, however, I still celebrate American Thanksgiving. My Thanksgiving is in October, which means I get two Thanksgivings. I, however, am unable to be with family physically, Thursday evening. Being on BeBee, here I feel it is safe to open up and say how truly thankful I am. I am thankful and blessed to be married, although my wife lives in Tacoma, Washington and I myself in Victoria, British Columbia. I wish I could be in Tacoma tomorrow night, but due to logistical and financial reasons I am unable to. I will be part of a spiritual evening at a class about Judaism. I am grateful to be with Spiritual Minds in Community, although it will be a different event. Tomorrow's subject is God and Community. I thought that was very fitting because the way I see Thanksgiving is Gratitude, Thanks, and Community. 

       I am thankful that I can help people even though I am unemployed. I am thankful I can I can go for a long walk on Friday with some beautiful people, even though I hurt. Even though I am unemployed, I am grateful for my food, shelter, medicine to keep me stable, and warm surroundings. I am grateful I can help my friends in need that they can depend on me at any time. And mostly, I am grateful I live in a society where I don't have fear of being discriminated against because of my sexual orientation. Javier beBee, thank you letting us and me to write  with heart and gratitude. THANKYOU 

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