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The Healing Power of Music

This article I wrote on Linkedin months ago and its time to write some more. Here is a look into what makes Suzanne

The Healing Power of Music

I am a musician, I am a pharmacist, and I am a scientist. None are more valid than the other. I was recently told that it is more important to get a well paid job, even if means giving up your passion.

I was quite shocked. The last two years, my health slowly declined and became quite ill over time.

During this time I had to stop my weekly singing in the Choir. I belonged to a 100 person choir and we sang mostly symphonic/Opera type of music. It was my social circle. It was my medicine. I am a musician in my DNA. In my Deoxy-Ribo-Nucleic-Acid , my passion for music is lovely stored in this biological code. My Great-grandfather was a musician, my grandmother was musician, and my mother is a musician. I have been a musician since I was 10 years old when I started to play the cello, I then began to sing, play piano, compose music, play bass guitar.

When I was 31, (I am now 44) I began to sing in the choir and have been on and off since then and now , in September at it again. Singing and playing my piano for myself has been healing for me, I am sure others have felt this way too.  It reduces my blood pressure, reduces my heart rate, increases my attention span and mathematical ability, and improves my overall mood, sleep and ability to reason. When I was getting sick, I was forced to stop my “weekly healing” sessions, I became depressed, unfocused, problems sleeping, agoraphobic, overweight, and increased pain. Ever since I have started my singing ritual again with my Choir, things have changed again for the better.

I am currently unemployed but I can use this time to heal myself with music and I am finding I am losing weight again, heart rate is regulating, blood pressure is normalizing, agoraphobia is disappearing, asthma is improving, pain is disappearing  and I have a social circle once again.  

My conclusion is not to remove something that is so important to satisfy someone else or something.

Some passions for some people may be Music, Visual Art, Dancing, Sports, Theatre, or Creative Writing. If you have to give up that passion, I assure you that health will be impacted and both your work and life will suffer for it. If a medicine works and has no side effects and is wholesome (meaning good for you, not an illegal drug) then why stop. Why suffer. Be proud of your artistic ability and the power it has. Make your life soar. Your music is like a pair of wings, if they are torn off, you fall. Keep your wings.

Thankyou every so much Deb for commenting . It is fantastic what music does to the brain and even out brain waves


@Chas Wyatt Thankyou ever so much!! :) I will check that book out today after I leave the library :) Blessings

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Chas ✌️ Wyatt 22/11/2016 · #2

"We are often confident and floundering at the same time. It is important to remember that we all have our place of genius, where we have something to offer that can grow only from ourselves. We strive to discover the seeds of our true individuality. It is often subtle, a whisper from within that needs time, nurturing, and a degree of challenge for its inward potential to emerge. Faint as it may be, we listen for its distinctive, clear rhythm amidst the confusing cacophony of our illusions, stray desires, and wishful thinking. We search for what is genuinely our own and we work to uncover our latent talents and skills."~ David Ulrich, "The Widening Stream, the Seven Stages of Creativity". I am currently reading this book; the author is a photographer that had an accident while chopping wood and as a result lost one eye. I think you would enjoy the book, as well.

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Deb 🐝 Helfrich 22/11/2016 · #1

"My conclusion is not to remove something that is so important to satisfy someone else or something." Yep, @Suzanne Dwillies-Khan, Pharmacist and Musician. There is much science to support the healing of music and we have a world class music therapist in our midst, along with my partner who finds music crucial to instigating and increasing his ability to move even when his Parkinson's Disease symptoms are interfering with his ability to move.

I prescribe that you take your music dosages every day with regularity. It will help you heal. It will contribute to anyone's healing.

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