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Suzanne Porter, Social Worker: Pursuits Outside of Work

Suzanne Porter, social worker, works with parents, families and at-risk children.

Suzanne Porter is a dedicated social worker, though she also once served in the role of Independently-Contracted Instructor for the COPE Family Support Center. She served in this position for many years, and was responsible for developing curriculum based on the needs of the COPE student population.

Suzanne Porter, Social Worker: Pursuits Outside of Work

There is little question as to Suzanne Porter dedication to her work. A Contra Costa County social worker, Porter remains passionate and committed to serving the needs of families, parents and at-risk children throughout her community, and to utilizing her education and her talents to improving people’s lives.

Because her work is so demanding, however, Porter often seeks out activities and interests that help her retain that ever-so-crucial life-work balance, and to alleviate the pressure and stresses that often go hand-in-hand with her position. Some of these interests include decorating, providing one-one-one advice to others, and restoring old furniture.

She’s even made a sincere effort at brewing her own beer, though each attempt has ended with little reward. “I tried to make my own craft beer a couple of times,” says Suzanne Porter, “but was not successful.”

Such pursuits, though not always fruitful, can provide busy professionals a great opportunity to not only find an outlet for stress, but can also serve as invaluable and memorable teaching moments that inform other experiences well into the future.

Suzanne Porter, social worker and graduate of Cambridge College.