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An Overview of Online Agriculture Market: Quick Glance!

“Farmers are to decide what to sell now and at what price”- PM Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come up with the ultimate solution to providing India’s farmers a fairground to conduct business. Online agriculture market deals with opening a virtual portal for farmers to sell their products directly to online buyers.

An Overview of Online Agriculture Market: Quick Glance!

The primary agenda behind this upcoming farming revolution is to mainly free farmers from the clutches of intermediaries. More than often, the cultivators are subjected to paying a huge portion of their profit to middlemen. Thus, with the implementation of National Agriculture Market Portal (e-NAM), farmers can now expect a sizeable profit of their own.

Now, let’s check out some interesting facts about e-NAM:

The e-NAM Marketplace will initiate in 8 Major states -

  • Telangana
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Jharkhand
  • Gujarat
  • Haryana
  • Rajasthan

The farmers are to sell 25 commodities in 21 wholesale mandis. Most of the commodities included are onion, turmeric, maize, wheat, chickpea, mahua, tamarind, etc. Farmers will now have a choice of deciding where they wish to sell their products and at what prices.

Presently, fourteen states have already implemented their Agriculture Market Committee Act (AMCA) to initiate e-NAM.

Moving on; online agriculture market is also a boon for regular consumers. Let’s discuss how!

How will e-NAM be benefiting consumers?

Well, agriculture marketing online opens up a myriad of choices for consumers. Back when buyers followed the Community Supported Agriculture Model (CSAM), they could only receive a portion of in-season crops.

However, with the initiation of e-NAM, customers are free to purchase any variety of products they want. Whether it’s dairy, fruits, vegetables, lentils or pulses, they can purchase it all. Furthermore, the online portal collectively allows many vendors, producers, and growers to sell their goods. Hence, consumers can pick their best buy and price.

Moreover, each product sold is entirely fresh. Consumers can even purchase meat and eggs and get their order delivered within a week.

Now, other perks of online agricultural shopping include-

  • Fresh Organic Products: Most e-farmers use unrefined seeds. Moreover, individual farmers label their products as au-naturale, making it easier for consumers to choose.
  • Nutrition at best: Generally, market-based products tend to grow stale after a day or two. However, online crops and goods are delivered fresh from the farm.
  • Ripe: The offerings at the online farmer’s market are picked out when they are at their ripest. Thus, the purchases made are 100% fresh adding more flavour and sweetness to fruits and vegetables.
  • Chains local economy- The products of an online agricultural market are grown mostly within 100 miles of the market itself. Thus, it enables job opportunities for local farmers who can enjoy the fruits of their benefit without an intermediary.

At times, buyers can even visit their corresponding farms to see production and handling of crops.

Therefore, the implementation of online agriculture marketing is another milestone achieved by the state in making the life of local farmers favourable. Henceforth,  e-Nam promises to bring in efficiency and quality based products, building opportunity for Nation’s farmers.