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How Is The Sustainable Urban Transport Project Making Naya Raipur A Smart City?

Imagine the turmoil faced in urban Indian cities as a result of an overgrowth of private vehicles. Today, the current population of India stands at around 1.21 billion, and by the next 3 years, it is speculated to rise around 1.32 billion.

How Is The Sustainable Urban Transport Project Making Naya Raipur A Smart City?

Therefore, as a result of population hike, there will be more scope for economic activity and more people will move to the cities looking for jobs. This will lead to the hike in the number of motor vehicles owned; in fact, the registered vehicles grew at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10.5% the last few years.

Therefore the Government of India, to combat the overgrowing pollution as a result of motor vehicle infestation, has devised the sustainable urban transport project, to make Indian cities ‘livable.’

Before, addressing how Naya Raipur benefited from SUTP, here is what the Government of India visualised prior to framing this project-

The Government of India’s visions on SUTP in India –

The government of India, while realizing the importance of facilitating trade and commerce, did not overlook the importance of creating cities which are pollution free.

Therefore, to accomplish this feat, they undertook a project to make major cities greener as a part of smart city project in India.

The government will first study the topographical locations of these cities and based on their unique geography; they would create better transport facilities, which would be eco-friendly and fuel efficient. As a result, air pollution will decrease considerably.

Therefore, this will promote more breathable air and prevent chances of diseases amongst citizens, and also promoting trade and commerce. Now, sustainable urban transport project in Naya Raipur offers a plethora of benefits. Let’s reveal some of them –

1. The SUTP promotes more economical facilities for the people of Chhattisgarh. The reason being Bus Rapid Transport System was implemented which connects many bus routes between Raipur and Naya Raipur. Now, as Naya Raipur is the hub for IT and trade sectors, the easily accessible bus routes make it easier for locals to travel to work.

2. Innumerable walkways and bicycle routes will subdue the emission of harmful greenhouses gases. Additionally, these modes of transportation are more cost-effective and will prevent congestion and, are environment-friendly. So, the city will have more breathable air.

3. Vehicle mostly will use biogas which will emit low CHG. Therefore, fewer chances of citizens facing issues like asthma and lung infection.

4. Additionally, as part of the SUTP, a 24/7 help line number will be there to assist citizens in case of traffic-related incidents or accidents.

5. Lastly, as a part of the sustainable urban transport project, land usage will be integrated properly for developing the city’s infrastructure.

Additionally, the SUTP will include the intelligent transport system, which will contain-

a. GPS based automatized vehicle location

b. GPRS to track and monitor bus movement

c. Passenger information system

Hence, all these facilities mentioned above caters to why the SUTP is responsible for turning Naya Raipur into an ultra-smart city.