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Know the Ultimate Placement Aesthetics for Porch Swings

Over several hundreds of years, swings have been used as a prominent stress buster. Be it in public parks, themed entertainment zones or even in one’s abode, swing proves to be a happy place.

In recent times, a major section of people are opting for ‘jhoola’ installations in their homes and porch swing is topping the choice list.

However, what makes this fun swing painstaking is its installation and placement! So, ponder upon the following pre-installation guide aimed at eradicating your hassles comprehensively.

Know the Ultimate Placement Aesthetics for Porch Swings

Know the dimensions

Compare and contrast the size of your swing and its probable installation area. A big swing can make a place clumsy; thereby interjecting with aesthetics. Make sure to keep a minimum of 2 feet space on each side before placing it.

Introspect installation area

Appoint a carpenter to check the strength of the ceiling, in case of in-house installation. All ceilings are not uniformly constructed. Be sure to get an A-frame structure constructed for outdoor setup if there’s a lack of sturdy tree branch. Here come the following methods to hang a swing from respective places:

From ceiling:

Gone are the days when porch ‘jhoolas’ were only placed in spacious porches or the backyard. Owing to changing trends, attractive compact swings are available to be hanged from one’s ceiling. Before doing so, check the ceiling’s joists and ensure its strength to hold both the swing and occupants. If it’s a green signal, then drill pilot holes to avoid wood splits and insert hangers into the beams.

Voila! Fix your swing and go on to experience a languid sway of your lifetime.

From tree branch:

Luckier of the luckiest in today’s world, have the golden opportunity to hang their swings from sturdy tree branches. However, a mere fragile branch of any tree won’t serve the purpose of hanging a swing.

The most important criterion is to select a hefty branch. Next step is to protect the limb from abrasion and scraping, achieved by covering the hanging chains with a rubber hose. Usage of hooks and pegs is a strictly no for attaching chains directly to the branch.

From swing stand:

Swing stand is the most feasible alternative for people lacking a sturdy ceiling in their house or a strong timber in their backyard. Readymade or tailor-made frames, usually A-frames are available. Generally wooden stands are preferred over the metal ones to avoid rust and corrosion.

Get hold of the best chains

Lastly, sort out the best chains to hang a swing. A combination of four heavy duty chains provides maximum grip. Hang them from the hooks present; one to the back and front of the swing respectively and rest two from each eye bolt. Buy swing connectors that will provide a full range of motion.

Follow these effective guidelines to experience a hassle-free installation phase. Fix it, considering all the important criteria. Never compromise with safety. Try to check all the hooks and chains before taking a ride.

Swings are made for fun, recreation, and leisure. Get one and make your pavilion a perfect gateway. Cherish and celebrate life to the fullest.