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RAINDROPS!The sound of sprinkling which

I hear at night

I thought may be my tap is trickling

and not closed tight

But when that sound merged

Into a showering tone

The ears are alert

and gazed towards the phone

As an individual residing alone

getting scared and moved to be known

Towards the window to peep through a hole

may be its only an illusion to be told

Rhythmically crawling towards the shade

listening own heartbeat with speed

As soon as the curtain is removed

the sound seems loud and legs didn't move

But gathering whole courage

behaving as a grown

the sight of outside assumed to frown

Giggling were the sound of laughter

as if there was no monster

enjoying the music of the sound …

that is created

by the RAINDROPS falling on the road and floated

showering the water and wetting everything

the best season of life comes in many things

just grab the drops into your fist or palm

and dance in the rain with full ecstasy and charm

never will one get the opportunity so bright

dancing in the rain with the rainbow colors in sight