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4 Dressing Table Ideas To Reflect The Beauty Of The Decor

You don’t need a lot of things to brighten up your makeup area, all you need is a chair, table and a source of light. A dressing table is a part of the dressing room that has been around for a very long time, and still is an essential part of it. 

If you are looking forward to some exciting design, just have a look at the collection of Dressing Chair Singapore, and you’ll be sure to find a set that’ll become an essential part of your dressing room for the time to come. You can always add classic tables near your bedroom that will not only make it look better but will also increase the functionality of the bedroom.

Just a quick search on the internet about dresser Singapore will bring up a big list of amazing set of dressers that will make your room look luxurious and intimate. Not only it adds another piece of a mirror into your room but it adds interest and attraction as well. It offers to organise all the little things in one place which helps you loosen up a bit as you won’t have to worry where you lost that lipstick or brush.

Let’s Have A Look At Some Extraordinary Dressers That Bring Extra Beauty To The Room:

#1 Fly Vanity

A simple walnut made dressing table called Fly Vanity that has a flexible and multifunctional design. Created by Cappelletti keeping the focus on increasing the functionality of the table. It comes in a closed packing but once opened it has a mirror inside and cabinets on either side of the dresser doors which can be used to place some small makeup items.

4 Dressing Table Ideas To Reflect The Beauty Of The Decor

#2 Hermes Harriette Mirrored Chest of Drawers

If you want your dressing room to look luxurious, it doesn’t get better than this, introducing the Hermes Harriette Mirrored Chest Of Drawers, that shows the best ornamental design on the wood. 

Made with hardwood, with mirrors infused into the doors that will add flair to any dressing room. It’s handcrafted while keeping the focus on upmost quality with silver mirrored glasses and comes with 3 drawers, resistant to any moisture as well.

#3 Iberian-Moroccan Mirrored Cabinet

An Iberian Moroccan Cabinet that has a mirrored design on the solid wood for the legs and frames. Its also reinforced with hardwood to give it sturdiness. Painted with a champagne gold finish that is done manually, and the design is also completely handcrafted, that is manufactured with the utmost quality.

#4 Venetian Mirrored Chest of Drawers

This features hand-cut mirrors on the drawers that almost gives you the feeling of it being from the mid-century, not only this is a dresser but it can also be used as the side table for your bed. A perfectly designed table to add an illusion inducing decor to your room. 

The mirror on the drawers are moisture-resistant and has solid wood on the legs and on the frame. The legs are painted with a matte finish of silver to give it a vintage look. There are no handles present on the door, as they are operated via a spring and the drawers boast a metal gliding mechanism.