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The symptom of winter is visible in the city life

Not only this season brings a fog covering morning, but also brings in many changes in the health-related issues. This season’s weather is very dry and the level of dust also increases to a fair margin. For that reason, one has to face many health-related problems. During the starting period of this season, it seems that fever and cough grips almost every human being. But comparatively diseases of respiratory tract increase a lot. And the main reason behind that is virus.

Generally coldness and flu cause cough. Not only that this disease can cause by allergy, asthma, acid reflux, dry weather, smoking even by having taken some medicine can create this problem. Many times once a cough started will not let you relief. And also the relentless coughing is very much irritating.

Regarding this matter, the assistant professor of Shahid Sowarawardi Medical College Dr.Gobinda Chandra Roy said, “This is generally a disease of the upper level of the respiratory tract. People generally get well within a week. But in some cases, the cough can stay for several weeks.”



The most happened disease of the winter season is coughing, common cold or cold fever. Influenza and para-influenza are the main reason behind this disease. The virus which comes from the infected person’s breathing, coughing, sneezing, saliva speared this disease among others. The symptoms of this disease are high fever, pain in throat, pain while swallowing something, nasal problems. You also feel the pain on your forehead, chest, and belly with coughing.

Sometimes other symptoms one can find in this disease in some cases the patient has the repugnance for food or has dysentery. Infected patient with this disease has to take sufficient rest, take enough liquid and fruits’ juice. If the fever or pain in the throat or the coughing is severe then consult a doctor and have medicine according to his suggestion.   


The effect of asthma increases in the winter season. Male or female of any age can have this disease. Polluted air, wastage of industries, dust, different types of food and some medicine can increase the level of this disease. To control asthma you have to wear a mask while you are traveling outside. Food, medicine, and circumstances which can cause allergy to you, avoid such things for your safety. If your breathing problem increase, do not be late to consult the doctor.


The main reasons for throat’s pain in the winter season are adenoid, increasing of tonsil and inflammation. Throat pain, suffering in swallowing, fever and groaning sound are the main symptoms of this disease. Many people suffer from these diseases several times and in future, it can shape up as a critical problem. For that sake, you have to take medicine according to your doctor’s suggestion. You can prevent this disease by adding salt in hot water then gargle with it.  

Other than that, many suffer from sinus problems in this winter season. Also in this season, some people are infected with lungs problem. Generally, elder person and kids are affected by these diseases. You have to consider several things if you want to remain safe from these diseases.



Add half spoon salt to one glass slightly hot water and start to gargle with it. Gargle thrice a day for a week at least. By doing that you can reduce the throat pain, coughs within very short time. This is a very effective method.  


Add one spoon honey in one cup lemon tea and drink it. Honey helps you to remove coughs and can heal up throat pain.

If you drink ginger tea regularly, drink hot water and avoid coldness you can get rid of from coughing. But even after that your cough do not get well then consult your doctor immediately.   


1.Avoid cold drinks and food.
2.Drink slightly hot water. Gargle with it.
3.Wear sweaters according to your requirements. Use monkey caps in severe cold and use muffler around your throat.
4. Avoid smoking and dust.
5. Let the free and fresh air enter your room by opening the doors and windows of your rooms. Do not close them all the time in the winter season.
6. Asthma patients should visit their respective doctors before the winter arrives and act according to their suggestion.
7. People who have breathing problems for many years must inject influenza and numoccas pneumonia injection.
8. Eat healthier food and drink sufficient water, which will make you healthier and will help you to prevent diseases.
9. Make the habit of hand wash. Especially after clearing your nose and eye.
  Dr. Soriful Amin                                                            


Generally wear the mask while traveling outside, stay away from affected people and avoid using his gadgets. Make a habit of eating fresh fruits.People who are suffering from asthma and bronchitis for a long time, winter season makes their life more difficulties.People also affected by pneumonia a lot in this season. So everybody should be aware of it and should lead a prevention life.