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Why is it So Important to Clean Your CPAP Humidifier?

Why is it So Important to Clean Your CPAP Humidifier?

CPAP humidifier are obviously handy when it comes to getting a good night rest although it is a lot less satisfying when it is moldy. CPAP humidifier can be dangerous if they are not taken care of properly. Taking care of your CPAP humidifier is important for the longevity of the machine equipment and for your health.

To move away from bacteria.

The filter of your CPAP humidifier should be cleaned every day and the humidifier should be cleaned every day as well If you don't clean them than the moisture is going to start to harbor bacteria that could be harmful to your lungs. The bacteria can also be accompanied by mold and cause additional illnesses in your respiratory system.

To increase the machine lifespan.

If you don't clean the humidifier or if you clean it incorrectly you will not only be harming yourself but you will also be ruining the machine. The lifespan of the machine will significantly decrease because it will be unusable and even might become clogged and the motor could burn out if it is not cleaned out and the filter is not changed.

The water in the humidifier must also be changed daily. When you breathe the moisture goes back into the humidifier and all of the bacteria can go back into the water. Aside from the fact that the bacteria is collecting and getting back in there for future growth, it gets in the filter and also mold can start growing in dark damp places. So if nothing else it should be dried out when not in use.

Best tips on how well to clean your CPAP Humidifier.

To thoroughly clean the machine it will need to be completely taken apart daily. When you are washing the pieces they will need to be soaked in water with mild dish soap for 30 minutes and then wiped down with a damp sterile cloth with water and laid out on a towel to dry. When it is dry it may be reassembled and then used again. There are various techniques that someone can use to clean your CPAP humidifier, like washing with a mixture of water and vinegar. But if one isn't interested in this cumbersome washing, then can opt to the option like this cleaner. The Cleaner eliminates all the bacteria in the CPAP Humidifier.

In general, the cleaner is automatic device which completely destroys 99.9% of pathogens, germs and bacteria in your CPAP humidifier. All of CPAP equipment humidifier, tubing and mask is properly sanitized at once and the only required to place the mask in the cleaner and then close the lid.

Therefore opting for the easier way which is more effective is the best option. Having your own machine cleaner is a guarantee to personal health.

Some people don't realize how serious it is to clean their CPAP machine before it is too late and suffer great consequences. Humidifiers are dangerous if they are not taken care of properly. They are also fragile and can break easily if they are treated with misuse. It is very easy to treat your CPAP humidifier with respect because it is therefore keeping you in good health too.