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Top 25 Master's Programs for Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Business Analytics in Europe

Top 25 Master's Programs for Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Business Analytics in Europe

Several college students, graduates and working professionals are considering pursuing a postgraduate degree in data science or data analytics. People reach out to me on LinkedIn, Quora and even on Facebook, looking for career advice about getting into data science or analytics careers. They read my blog articles on various platforms and reach out to me for college guidance and admission consulting. In the last one year or so, quite a few folks asked me about the data science and analytics programs in Europe. So, here I am, with the list of Top 25 Masters Programs for Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Analytics in Europe.  I have selected all the programs after evaluating the course content, interdisciplinary nature, departmental profiles, industry links, research activities, trans-national nature, program reviews (on other websites - KDnuggets, AnalyticsVidhya, Masters Portal, Quora) and job prospects. Besides, I have listed only those programs that are entirely taught in English.

MSc Data Engineering & Analytics and Masters Mathematics in Data Science – TU Munich

The Data Engineering and Analytics program deals with the recent developments and trends in Big Data. The Master’s program specifically addresses three key issues - the creation and storage of large data sets in a feasible and economical way, technical advances in multi-core systems, cloud computing & related technologies, and various data sources (business, social media, smart devices etc.). The program is divided into three areas of study: Data Analysis, Data Engineering& Analytics, and Data Engineering, and covers the fundamental methods and practical techniques for the processing of very large datasets. Read more about the Data Engineering and Analytics program.

The Mathematics in Data Science program runs parallel and shares the core foundations of informatics and mathematical aspects of Big Data. Both programs aim at the collection, modelling, storage, processing and evaluation of extremely large (e.g. social media), rapidly changing (e.g. sensor data) and complex (e.g. ecological systems) data sets.

The Mathematics in Data Science program focuses on computation, simulation and prediction of complex phenomena (e.g. customer behaviour, economic trends and medical data) and on the oftentimes complicated interpretation of this data, which requires complex mathematical models. This program places an emphasis on methods and algorithms from statistics, machine learning, optimization, and the theory of data representation. This is aimed towards the students who want to receive a high-profile education in mathematics with an emphasis on the burgeoning area of Big Data. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of detail complex techniques for data editing and data analysis, how to adapt complex models to concrete problems, to combine and redevelop t