Tanya Heasley MAPPCP in Professions, Workers, Careers, Entrepreneurs Coaching Psychologist • Tristone Coaching 12/8/2019 · 1 min read · +500

Have you ever been to a Business Shower?

Have you ever been to a Business Shower? Have you ever been to a Business Shower?

I attended my niece's baby shower at the weekend and now just discovered a potential new craze called 'Business Showers'.

Inspired by both, this has got me thinking that we should celebrate, support and promote all our friends' businesses; whether they're start-ups or already birthed.

Do you have a friend who would benefit from receiving congratulations and resources for starting or growing their business?

If so, may I encourage you to host a Business Shower for them (Or even for yourself for that matter)

I haven't hosted a Business Shower 'yet', as this is an inspirational idea I had this morning. However, I want to share how I would host this event with others, and below are my suggestions:

👉Invite other local entrepreneurs who might like to network or utilise their service/products.
👉Invite friends and family who need/want their service/products.
👉Buy gifts that would support or help grow their business - such as stationery, Amazon gift cards, subscriptions etc.
👉(Games) Offer advice and tips or a Q&A slot to help them with marketing etc.
👉Nibbles and drinks (because what's an event without one?)

Do offer your own suggestions in the comments below, or if you've attended/hosted a business shower, please share your thoughts and experience of it here too.