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These are the social recruiting mistakes that many recruiters make (and don’t even realise it).

These are the social recruiting mistakes that many recruiters make (and don’t even realise it).Social recruiting has become a key part of almost every top hiring operation. In fact, only 4% of recruiters don’t use social media in the recruiting process. An overwhelming 92% use social media regularly! However the difference is most recruiters are doing it all wrong. Posting a job ad or have a Facebook page is not social recruiting!

Social recruiting is much more than just finding candidates on social media and can have a very positive impact in attracting passive candidates if it is done the right way. Here are some mistakes most recruiters make when it comes to social.

· Not having a social recruiting strategy

· Not being authentic and relatable

· Not having quality content (consistently)

· Not setting goals or measuring your social analytics & insights

· Not encouraging sharing and cross promoting

Not creating a social recruiting strategy

You don’t get in the car and drive to a new destination without have some sort of roadmap or plan on how to get there so why do you do it in business. Social recruiting is important for your business and the first place to start is with creating a plan of attack, strategy or roadmap. This should address a few key areas:

· Why are you on social media

· What are you top 3 social goals for the next 6-12 months

· What social channels should you be using?

· How are you going to succeed?

· What are your key metrics & KPI’s for success

Not being authentic  

Be real, be relatable and most importantly be authentic to your brand and culture. Candidates can very quickly see when you are not being true to your brand. The big guys like Nike and Coca Cola do