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Are Shom & Raima really in love?

Are Shom & Raima really in love?

Shom turns the key and opens the door to his apartment, to see Raima sitting on the barstool. He is surprised to see her there at that time of the day, when she would normally be in her office. As he quietly walks in, he finds her looking disturbed. He is concerned, but decides to underplay his worry.

Shom: Hey! When did you come?

Raima reluctantly looks up as Shom draws closer. She manages a smile.

Raima: A while ago.

Shom comes and stands in front of Raima, whose back is to the bar. He gently caresses Raima’s cheek. Touched by the gesture, she reaches out to him in a hug.

Shom: Tell me, what’s bugging you? Why so depressed?

Raima: (thinking: Let me tell him the facts) I am fed up. I hate what I am doing.

Shom: Hmm, times are bad for everyone. So just take it easy.

Raima: (thinking: Talk about me, not everyone) It is easy to talk; I would like to see what you would do in my place.

Shom gets up and goes behind the bar. Raima turns the barstool to face him.

Shom: What’s your place like?

Raima: (thinking: As if you don’t know! Don’t fuck with me) Are you making fun of me? You know the bad spell I have been through.

Shom: Please calm down, what’s your drink.

Raima: (thinking: I won’t get high today) I don’t feel like one, not in a mood today. (thinking: Poor Shom, he wants my company) Okay, give me something alkaline.

Shom: What about Bailey’s with crushed ice?

Raima: No, make it Kahlua with crushed ice.

Shom smiles and gets busy with the drinks. He comes back with the drink and places it in front of her. Raima watches him as he fixes himself a perfect mixture of vodka, Bailey’s and Kahlua. He clicks his glass with Raima’s.

Raima: (thinking: Why is he having my favourite drink?)

Shom: Cheers!

Raima: Cheers! (thinking: Let me look into his eyes, while I take my first sip) Nice. Refreshing. Now tell me, please don’t evade my question.

Shom: You just got agitated; I was not making fun of you.

Raima: (thinking: You were being smart by asking what my place was like) You know what I have gone through; tell me what would you do in my place?

Shom: Well, it all depends on how you look at things. What’s good? What’s bad? I would like to understand that first.

There is a question mark on Raima’s face.

Raima: (thinking: He is just trying to be smart, he is so inconsiderate. Does he love me?) (pointing a finger at Shom) It is easy for you to talk. You have no imagination. I have gone through hell!

Shom: Don’t I know? But sympathising is not going to help your cause.

Raima: (thinking: Please sympathise with me, love me a bit, and spoil me) (in an angry tone) Please don’t say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say.

Shom: You look so nice when you are angry like this.

Raima: (thinking: Wow, that’s good, he likes me. Let me show some more anger.) (showing her claws) Grr, I am going to scratch your face. How can you be so rude?

Shom: Ha, ha, how am I rude? I said some nice things about you.

Raima: (thinking: That’s not funny. He thinks no end of himself.) You are nasty, you are just enjoying at my expense.

Shom: Enjoying, yes, but not at your cost.

Raima: (thinking: If he is enjoying it, why doesn’t he include me in the fun?) Then why don’t you tell me the truth?

Shom: It is the purity I see in your expressions. Wah, kya pakeezgi hai!

Raima: (thinking: Yes! Main pakeeza hoon) Wah, kya baat hai! Are you saying that I look beautiful only when angry?

Shom: No, when you are pure. You look enchanting when you have those raw desires. Qudrati husn!

Raima looks sensual and blushes, breaking into a million-dollar smile.

Raima: Youuuu!

Shom intervenes before she says anything.

Shom: Stop! Let me capture this purity. Wow, the way you blush, so real, so pure, so, so beautiful. Sharmeeli! Ba haya!

Raima covers her face with her glass and pretends to take a sip.

Raima: No, please, you know exactly how to manipulate me.

Shom: Whatever I do is in your best interest, isn’t it?

Raima: (thinking: Please, no more lectures) What’s in my interest?

Shom: The way you look now, so positive, that’s all you need to conquer the world. I like to be honest, that’s my style.

Raima: (thinking: You are right, but no more lectures please) Okay, okay, spare me the speech and please don’t preach.

She sees Shom taken aback and feels bad for him. She calms him down in a friendly tone.

Raima: Talk to me as a friend, your philosophy gets too heavy for me.

Shom: Okay honey, let’s talk.

Raima: You were telling me about my bad experience. You said it may not be bad.

Shom: Yes, I said all depends on your mind-set. Bad experience teaches you a lot, because you have to deal with it. It disciplines you.

Raima: (thinking: I know, how your mind works) Good experience teaches you nothing, it just makes you happy and lethargic. No challenges and you take life for granted.

Shom: Wah, kya lajawab soch hai! I am impressed lady; you took the words out of my mouth.

Raima: (thinking: And thoughts out of your mind) Aap mujhe praise kar rahe hain?  Ya phir apne aap ko?

Shom: What do you mean?

Raima: (thinking: Smart to aap ban rahe hain) Kyun ke point to aapne hi rakha hai, ke bad experience is good and good experience is not.

Shom: Brilliant, kya baat hai. Meri billi mujhse meow.

Raima: (amused) Thanks, but I don’t agree.

Shom: Don’t agree to what? That you are brilliant?

Raima: (thinking: Kyun ke main brilliant nahi hoon?)  Of course, I am brilliant.

Shom: Achha! To kya tu meri billi nahin?

Raima: (smiling and purring like a cat) Aur kiski hoon? Meeaaow!

As she leans forward to kiss Shom, he gets a start looking at an exposed part of her breast. Turned on, he caresses her slender neck and boobs before going for her lips. The lips part, revealing the teeth and the tongue. Raima kisses passionately.

Raima: Oh God! Oh God!

Shom: Wow! That was like kissing a pussy. So nice!

Raima pulls herself back and quickly straightens herself.

Raima: How can you behave like this? What if Ramu comes in?

Shom: (whispering) You turned me on. Sorry, what then, don’t you agree with?

Raima straightens up.

Raima: That bad is good.

Shom: Hmm, you are trying to be overly smart aren’t you?

Raima reverts to her original frame of mind, defying Shom.

Raima: Nope, only realistic, I know my problems, you don’t. You only claim to know them.

Shom: Well, if that’s what you claim, do we discuss it out?

Raima: (thinking: I don’t want to discuss or even think about my problems anymore) I don’t think so, you don’t care to understand.

Shom: I think, I do, it is just a bend and not the end. Just move on.

Raima: (thinking: He just talks big) (angrily) What do you want me to do?

Shom: Nothing! Change your attitude, otherwise just shelter the negative side of Raima. Bas, muh phulakar baithi reh.

Shom gets up and walks out of the bar. Raima turns around, her eyes following Shom till he disappears into the living room. The music gets louder, But where do u go to my lovely when you’re alone in your bed. Shom concentrates on the music.  He leaves her to her thoughts and observe her emotions unnoticed. He is out of her view but she is very much in his.

Shom: (thinking: Shit, this makes me a Peeping Tom, but what the hell; I am sucker for purity of expressions.)

Raima’s face turns grim. She looks away and shakes herself out of her mood, expecting Shom to be there and disappointed not to see him. She looks out for him and calls out to him.

Raima: Where did you go Shom? Please come back.

Shom drags his feet to get back to Raima. He stops in front of her before going behind the bar to refill their drinks.

Shom: Sorry, just dosed off. Main raat bhar soya nahi.

Raima: Poor you, I have the same problem. Main bhi kahaan theek se so sakti hoon. Chalo, zara ek doosre ko relax karte hain.

Shom: Sure, show me the way. (humming) Because you are mine, I walk the line. Shall we go to the bedroom?

Raima: (thinking: That’s all men can think of) (smiling) No! Stay here.

Raima turns pensive. She breaks into a poem.


Dwell in me, as I dwell in you
In my thoughts, my dreams, my being too
If you are with me, by my side
I cast all fears and doubts aside

Every breath is a moment in time
That celebrates our love divine
Share with me your sorrow and pain
The heights of love, I thus attain


I stand by you, believe in me
Say, how do I prove it to thee
May the world see our shining light
Our love, our strength, Heaven’s delight

Shom looks at her. She raises her eyebrows in mock acknowledgement. He cannot supress a smile.

Shom: I know your mind better than you do because I love you. There’s no doubt that you will succeed.
Raima nods in agreement as she hugs him tightly.