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Are Shom & Raima really in love?

Are Shom & Raima really in love?

Shom turns the key and opens the door to his apartment, to see Raima sitting on the barstool. He is surprised to see her there at that time of the day, when she would normally be in her office. As he quietly walks in, he finds her looking disturbed. He is concerned, but decides to underplay his worry.

Shom: Hey! When did you come?

Raima reluctantly looks up as Shom draws closer. She manages a smile.

Raima: A while ago.

Shom comes and stands in front of Raima, whose back is to the bar. He gently caresses Raima’s cheek. Touched by the gesture, she reaches out to him in a hug.

Shom: Tell me, what’s bugging you? Why so depressed?

Raima: (thinking: Let me tell him the facts) I am fed up. I hate what I am doing.

Shom: Hmm, times are bad for everyone. So just take it easy.

Raima: (thinking: Talk about me, not everyone) It is easy to talk; I would like to see what you would do in my place.

Shom gets up and goes behind the bar. Raima turns the barstool to face him.

Shom: What’s your place like?

Raima: (thinking: As if you don’t know! Don’t fuck with me) Are you making fun of me? You know the bad spell I have been through.

Shom: Please calm down, what’s your drink.

Raima: (thinking: I won’t get high today) I don’t feel like one, not in a mood today. (thinking: Poor Shom, he wants my company) Okay, give me something alkaline.

Shom: What about Bailey’s with crushed ice?

Raima: No, make it Kahlua with crushed ice.

Shom smiles and gets busy with the drinks. He comes back with the drink and places it in front of her. Raima watches him as he fixes himself a perfect mixture of vodka, Bailey’s and Kahlua. He clicks his glass with Raima’s.

Raima: (thinking: Why is he having my favourite drink?)

Shom: Cheers!

Raima: Cheers! (thinking: Let me look into his eyes, while I take my first sip) Nice. Refreshing. Now tell me, please don’t evade my question.

Shom: You just got agitated; I was not making fun of you.

Raima: (thinking: You were being smart by asking what my place was like) You know what I have gone through; tell me what would you do in my place?

Shom: Well, it all depends on how you look at things. What’s good? What’s bad? I would like to understand that first.

There is a question mark on Raima’s face.

Raima: (thinking: H