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True Love Is When You Relish The Orange She Eats

True Love Is When You Relish The Orange She Eats

Shom is sitting on a dining table chair. The doorbell rings. He opens the door and Raima in a jovial mood walks in.

Raima: Hey Shom, guess what?

Shom goes back to his chair and Raima sits on the chair across him with her elbows on the round dining table, leaning forward as if trying to narrow the gap between them.

Shom: Tell me.

Raima: Nothing, you’ll laugh.

Shom: Tell me anyway, I won’t laugh..ha.. if you tell me not to.

She looks up at him, he looks at her, tries to control himself and then bursts out laughing. Raima makes a face.

Raima: (sounding annoyed) I won’t tell you anything hereafter.

Then she smiles.

Shom: Okay, sorry. Please go on.

Raima: It’s about Mentos!

Shom: What’s so funny about Mentos?

Raima: And Honitus too, both are kept in a big bowl on the receptionist desk.

Shom: Honey, I only like Honitus, the lesser of the two evils, as it has ginger and honey. Please keep away from Mentos.

Raima: I know you like Honitus and I like Mentos.

Shom: That’s just mint and sugar, silly.

Raima: I am silly! So let me tell you what happened today. Something very funny. I left office to meet up with my friends. On my way out, I dug into the bowl as usual.

Shom: Someone caught you doing it?

Raima: No one dare even notice what I do. I’m high up in the organisation.

Shom: (trying to look impressed) Sure. So it seems, go on.

Raima: (making a face) You keep interrupting and ruin all the fun.

Shom: Sorry. I won’t, please go on.

Raima: (smiling) Yeah, so today I just called some friends and left my work early.

Shom: Early? How could you do that?

Raima: Why not? I don’t have any fixed timings. I work late, when I have to. My boss likes my work, calls me a go-getter. She said that with her nose in the air.

Shom: You just know how to handle your boss.

She gets offended, makes a face, gets up and walks off. Shom quickly gets up, goes after her, gives her a loving peck on her cheek.

Shom: Please tell me. I am dying to know what happened.

They both squat on the couch.

Raima: Well, I went out with my friends and we stuffed ourselves with bhajiyas, dahi batata puri and pani puri.

All junk, he thinks and is about to open his mouth but quickly puts his finger on his lips.

Raima: I was feeling a bit burpy, so I fished out the Mentos. All my friends wanted them. I started distributing the Mentos when one of my friends spotted a Honitus. As she went for it, I don’t know what happened to me but I actually snatched it back from