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A Blurred Line between Illusion and Reality

A Blurred Line between Illusion and Reality

Uncertain and desperate times make our situation dire that a human would do anything to improve his/her condition. How much to wait and struggle for the sunny days ahead? Where should one hide his/her face so that their brevity doesn’t have to face the consequences? Who would share their dilemma where they could take steps which would be beneficial mutually?

How could a false idea or a belief become one's reality, which is not real, but they try to take refuge in it? Otherwise, they think that reality would destroy them in one strike.

To start from one’s childhood, parents lead their children to live in illusion by asking them to become a professional of their choice. An interest of a child is a gateway to life but not allowed to see the light of a day. An unfortunate child has caved in to the demands of parents who should have understood that they have wronged their child at that very moment.

They would ask to let them be in a state of trance. Though in reality, they couldn’t achieve the life desired, they could find respite in their created illusion.

We tend to rest our hope on some unachievable tasks in our life. We make it our mission irrespective of it can be achieved or not. Based on which we make plans and strategy, and the day we could execute it. If not achieved though a person with common sense knows its probability, then we tend to think it’s the end of our world.

To whom are we fooling, is it our illusory self or the real one which exists in this world?

A person who could be an accomplished writer who tends to focus on that invisible pen, which could never allow him to pen a single sentence in life. He is a renowned writer who has won all the literary awards one could think of, and he doesn’t have a moment to spare on himself or for this world. Only a taste of death could make him realize it in an afterlife.

A person close to them knows their real worth as they know their capability well. After many attempts, they fail to remove them from this blinded well like quagmire.

The well-reputed institutions to complete their targets tend to attract students by showing them a moon on their palm. Do they know that one size fits all couldn’t be a proper strategy, and hence every student differ from one another? These poor students without much due deliberation get themselves enrolled in haste without much to achieve in life.

I wish there would have been someone who would have roused me from this illusory sleep? That’s what these poor souls would think after their lives went in the drain.

Then comes the stage of fending for oneself where one has to accept an odd job without thinking much. There are very few privileged in this world who get to make a career out of their hobbies. They never work even a single day in their life. They get to live in the real world where all they have to do is to nurture their career.

Many a time they hide their talent in fear of not being labeled the greedy person. They don’t want to sell their craft, and hence they get it locked within themselves.

The imposition of an illusory insight makes one oppressed as they can see reality very well. If you would take this step, then the consequences would be devastating? Even though you would succeed, but you wouldn’t enjoy that success for a long time? Have you ever known that you were always unaware since your childhood, and how could you be so intelligent to initiate that step in your life?

They tend to become helpless by questioning their own identities. The reason is these questions kept pounding on their heads and minds like a hammer.

A girl wants to marry only a prince, and likewise, a boy wants to marry a princess. A child wants to become an astronaut but couldn’t as he doesn’t get proper training, or he might be having many phobias that are unsuitable of him to become one. A child who believes that his/her real life is no less than a fairy tale.

These unluckiest ones keep their illusory selves locked from this world by pretending to be living in a real one. They are unlocked when they are alone, and confined in an isolated place, but little do they know that this is the reason for their doom.

-Penned by Tausif Mundrawala(4th December 2019)

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Tausif Mundrawala 5 d ago · #14

#12 I agree because they take refuge in that illusory world of theirs.

Thanks once again, my friend, @Marisa Fonseca Diniz

Tausif Mundrawala 5 d ago · #13

#11 I totally agree with you, my friend, @Pascal Derrien

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Marisa Fonseca Diniz 6 d ago · #12

Not all people feel good living a real life, preferring to live in the illusion that everything can look different.

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Pascal Derrien 6 d ago · #11

Perfection is an optical illusion

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Tausif Mundrawala 6 d ago · #10

#9 Here great wisdom hidden in your comment, my dearest friend, @Kevin Baker I am currently penning a post on this topic. Thanks to you who have brought a different perspective to this very significant prospect. People like me who are stuck with the result seem to think very lowly of such causes. I want to explore more aspects of this topic in my post. Let me know what you think on that subject the moment I will post it.

I can't thank you enough for allowing me to see it from a different angle and perspective.

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Kevin Baker 6 d ago · #9

#8 I know you know. Or you would not present the question, I was confirming not judging.
I love how the we can say the same thing different ways and eventually we become congruent and return to where we came. We are all one.

Your Aunt was afraid of what others think if she was to leave him. Make no mistake fear is the motivator of all behavior both positive and negative.
If you are still suffering for her your focus is on the result not the cause.

Show others who are stuck in their self imposed prisons the example, coddling them only enables them to stay there, confronting them puts up the wall of prideful defiance.

Keep pushing forward the message.

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Tausif Mundrawala 6 d ago · #8

#6 I have seen those friends of mine who studied with me and have chosen a wrong career just because their parents want to. I have erased that word and have placed the word unaware instead but there are ones who are live examples who have never missed an opportunity to belittle their closed ones.

I know both our illusory self and the real self exist but there are ones who couldn't find a proper balance between the two. When I could understand between the two I could remind myself of such souls who were completely lost in their illusory world.

Not everyone is capable enough, my friend, to rouse oneself from this illusory sleep. My aunt used to live in an illusory world to think that her husband will leave a woman with whom he had an extra-marital affair. We all knew that wasn't possible because he is still madly in love with her. When I visited this aunt of mine when she was alive she completely lost her senses and me to some extent tried rousing her from her illusory world of happy married life. Till the time I was there with her, she was completely fine because I understood her state than anyone else. She left for the heavenly abode by not rousing herself from that sleep. All the instances are real which I have seen in other people's life.

I appreciate your contribution and always will, my friend, @Kevin Baker

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#5 Writing is a journey @Tausif Mundrawala. It has its ups and down, which enrich our experiences and in consequence our writing. I am glad you feel that the journey of writing has matured you to become a reflective writer and you are increasingly becoming one.

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