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A Homewrecker.

A Homewrecker.

Many of them spend their entire life bringing a family together. Their life revolves around their family and nothing else. They always try to bring it back to life to make it more lively. They would give their all, to make all to stay under one roof sometimes maybe their own life. Sometimes their death becomes a reason where they all reunite where they were otherwise estranged.

From which mud are they made of that no matter what they are not ready to give up and wouldn’t allow their closed ones to do that.

They make themselves formidable where the ones who would break their family means little to them. They would even make themselves stern enough so that a look is enough to bring dread in others' minds. What not they might be suffering in this quest of being a homemaker? Amidst this journey, there is always a possibility to be broken from inside.

The family vase may be broken into shards and scattered across at every nook and corner of the house, but they become a glue which makes it an unbroken one.

A single step of an opposite to their character would ruin an entire family. Though they crave attention and praise from others as they think what they do is in the interest of everyone in the family. They would always ask their biographers to pen their character as the misunderstood ones.

How could one be misunderstood when most of them know their intent behind their every ploy and venom spewed in the form of words?

The day before yesterday, I was discussing with my father about this homewrecker’s deed, which ruined a prosperous family. She made her mission to bring the entire home into ruins. Her husband and her son gave complete support to what she believed. Though a daughter of a renowned father, she was not worried about his reputation.

Have we taken time off to discuss, such topics especially of a homewrecker which could wreak havoc of an entire society?

Her name was Zainab and she were born in an Indian aristocratic family. Her household chores weren’t much as her elder and youngest sister took care of everything. She always liked gambling and most of her friends were of questionable character.

She made herself bitter enough more then a bitter gourd, whose taste would never leave the mouth throughout the lifetime.

She was engaged twice, and both of her fiancés met an untimely death. She was labeled a jinx as no one was ready to send her their son's proposal. Time and again, she kept reminding herself of her fate. Her younger sister was happily engaged, and soon she was about to get married. Finally, she became the eldest sister-in-law to her youngest sister.

The happening in their life decides their future course of action, but that is not the reason enough to be ruined by their hands.

She started showing her true colors the moment she stepped into her in-law's house. She became an arch-enemy of her sister come sister-in-law. Her sister went looking after her father as he was widowed before they got married. She spewed venom in her mother-in-law’s ears to the extent that she planned her sister’s departure from this home forever.

They are the serpents who could deceive anyone with each hissed word they could murmur in their ears.

Whenever she would fall short of cash, she would dispose of household items. Once, she auctioned the wares which were imported and brought by her father-in-law. She did it purposely to ruin her in-laws and father’s name in their society. She liked playing and plotting such ploys.

How could one endure them when they do all know that they are on the verge of devastation?

Her mother-in-law was a formidable character who tried stopping her, but she became violent whenever she did. All said and done, she made them leave that town, and they all got shifted to a renowned city called Bombay. Even here, she didn’t leave them unscathed and followed them like their shadow.

Even their shadow become ashamed of being a part of a being who doesn’t deserve to be called a human.

With all her, melodrama she lost her youngest daughter to a fever which never left her till death. She was struck with a blow of her death and got inconsolable. Within a few years, her younger son got inflicted by tuberculosis, and due to her carelessness, even he departed from this world. She couldn’t be alive after enduring this fate of losing her two children.

In her pursuance of becoming a well-versed homewrecker, she brought to a standstill an entire family that could be the happiest in town. Alas! to say it.

-Penned by Tausif Mundrawala(27th November 2019)

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Tausif Mundrawala Nov 29, 2019 · #9

#5 I deliberated upon this image because it totally fits this topic.

I am glad that you liked this image, @Lyon Brave

Tausif Mundrawala Nov 29, 2019 · #8

#4 We would always be judged by our deeds. What we sow so shall we reap.

Thanks for your continuous support, my friend, @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador

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Tausif Mundrawala Nov 29, 2019 · #7

#3 Absolutely, my friend, @Pascal Derrien

Tausif Mundrawala Nov 29, 2019 · #6

#2 I am glad that you raised this question, Sir. According to me, they were fools to endure those shocks and to not do anything about it. I think Arabic society is quite particular and practical about these issues. If she would have been my closed relative I would have cut her off from our family system once and for all. By the way, this story is a real story. I wanted to bring this story forth because I want this story to resonate with whoever has bear this brunt of such stupid relatives. Thanks to the people of my generation that they don't tolerate such a nuisance.

I am thankful for all your support, Sir @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

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Lyon Brave Nov 28, 2019 · #5


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And then there's karma!

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Pascal Derrien Nov 27, 2019 · #3

What goes around comes around

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Dear @Tausif Mundrawala- I am offering another thought on this family sad story.
Societies when become overly connected they become rigid and lose their resilience to shocks and so collapse.

Your story of a ruined family allows me to ask "do very close family connections make a family rigid and susceptible to collapsing under stress"?My answer is yes. Maybe this family was too connected to absorb shocks and the eldest daughter was only the catalyst in bringing the reputation of the family down. Our societies are harsh sometimes. If a family member behaves badly the entire family gets hurt. Why should this happen? Why innocent people have to pay the price? I am just asking.

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