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An Intellectual Journey

An Intellectual Journey

The day we attain our senses, we would come to know in which field we would be interested. Where our interest lies, and how far we can go to achieve in that field of interest? Very few could stay true to those interests as being committed to them is like raising a baby who needs constant care with each passing moment.

Keep nurturing those interests as they need undivided attention of yours, which would contribute a lot to it.

The day we gain expertise in reading and starts enjoying it, we get to know the world well and pick up a subject in which we want to achieve something big. We are introduced to this habit either by our elders or teachers. If continued, then it could do wonders for the rest of our life.

Don't read just for the sake of it instead of try doing it in perpetuity so that you could get the essence of it.

The possibility could be that one would become a voracious reader. Reflecting upon the topic and analyzing it can contribute to our growth as an intellectual. It's an everyday ritual of mine to grab my favorite newspapers, Indian Express and Economic Times and get to know what the experts think on varied subjects.

I unknowingly incorporated all the messages, and those are: I update my status of mind, daily. Open Mind. Close arguments. Open mind before the mouth. Question the answers.

Our view and opinions mean a lot as discussing varied topics would give us a fair idea and can bring new perspectives on it. Brainstorming on ideas and discussing in length on different opinions have to lead to innovate, create policies, and lead to the emergence of new institutions.

Every person's intellectual journey differs from each other as some have traversed that path through reading, while some have seen wars, battles, personal setbacks, etc. Each has a different guiding principle and a way of teaching a real lesson in life.

Apart from books, I have contributed to my growth by talking to individuals on numerous topics. I couldn't resist citing an example: of my journey every day with, my friend, Don Barry, with whom I discuss lots of topics on politics, economy, education, emotions, etc. Yesterday we were discussing the sorry state of our trains. What steps should we take to improve its state?

The moment we board the train till the time we reach our destination is a time devoted to these meaningful discussions.

How could I forget my beBee friends who have contributed a lot to my intellectual journey? First of all, Sir Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee who had been an institution in himself and have never resisted himself appreciating talent. Sir Harvey Lloyd, who is unbelievably an expert and he would bring a new perspective to a given topic, be it of any field.

Kevin Baker has always challenged my beliefs and encouraged me to expand my horizons. My friend, Fay Vietmeier, has always analyzed my post with vigor and eagerness. My friend, Pascal Derrien, without fail, has always brought a smile on my face.

I especially want to mention, my friend, Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador, who took the time to, dedicate an entire post on me. Authors and poets, Debasish Majumder and Mohammed Abdul Jawad, who never forgets to contribute to my post, and I am glad they always did. How could I forget, my friend, Marisa Fonseca Diniz, who has always liked my reflective articles and praised my contribution to this genre?

And, Jerry Fletcher, whose one-liners can be the wisdom of a lifetime. John Rylance, whose constructive feedback is worth paying heed as I have always admired his straightforward nature. I apologize to my other friends whose names I may have missed.

Each word is replete with wisdom, and if paid attention could change one's life forever. Their rich experience has always contributed to my intellectual growth in some way or the other.

P.S. Today I chanced upon this image of a book cover, which fits well with my chosen topic.

-Penned by Tausif Mundrawala(13th December 2019)

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#21 I am privileged enough to be gifted with a friend like you. How could I thnk you in words, my friend, @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador

Tausif Mundrawala Dec 18, 2019 · #22

#19 #20 You deserve this adulation, Sir because your contribution means a lot to me. Thanks for always been supportive, @John Rylance


Thank you so much for your kind mention @Tausif Mundrawala. Your spotlight post was well-deserved recognizing your eloquently written posts. You keep writing and I will keep reading.

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John Rylance Dec 13, 2019 · #20

#8 As a Teacher I totally agree with this comment. I read somewhere recently, when we stop learning we die. 

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John Rylance Dec 13, 2019 · #19

#2 Thank you Tausif for your kind words. 
Like several other contributors your post always start me thinking, and your responses to the thoughts are always appreciated.

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Tausif Mundrawala Dec 13, 2019 · #18

#11 I love that part of our journey, @Alina Hammami

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Tausif Mundrawala Dec 13, 2019 · #17

#10 Small steps lead to huge success. Thanks for contributing, my friend, @Pascal Derrien

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Tausif Mundrawala Dec 13, 2019 · #16

#9 Now you brought a smile on my face, my friend, @Jerry Fletcher