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Diagrams would spring back to life.

Diagrams would spring back to life.

Our human race has been inferring about their life happenings and instances in the form of geometrical shapes and diagrams. One would say that they hate the subject of mathematics, but in actual terms, no one's life is complete without it. Without money, we can't survive at all in this world, for which one needs to go through several calculations to bifurcate expenses, savings, and investments.

When I say mathematics, then it would include algebra and geometry, and every diagram does consist of lines, squares, circles, triangles, etc. The diagrams were presented hypothetically to form sums or questions in our school textbooks. Geometric solutions were used to solve them through the use of theories, tests, etc.

Live examples should have been used to help everyone understand it's significance in our life. By its use, many of the children would have got rid of the vices by using probability to make them understand the vice's ill-effect. It would have even encouraged many to work for the betterment of our society and environment. And the list goes on.

During my management days, our faculty would come with several live examples in the form of questions which helped us understand the concept to its core.

If someone would ask about a romantic movie and if there are three of them, then it's stated as a triangle love. If a person goes through phases in life where initially he is an optimist and then becomes a pessimist and later on the former, his life is stated to come full circle. If a man or a woman decided to walk on the path of adultery, he/she is stated to be not walking on a straight line.

Why can't we be more vibrant in using numbers, geometric shapes, and forms to make our life more simple by their use?

Our life will be simple if we try to understand every situation in the form of a diagram. Every loophole and void will be filled by understanding what crucial steps we could take to stay ahead in life. Several possibilities will come to the fore to lets us know what is beneficial for our well-being.

Reflecting upon the facts available and rational thinking would lead us to climb the ladder of success with utter ease.

Why was the pyramid created? Why were domes created in a semi-circular shape? Why do doodle artists make use of several geometrical shapes before resuming towards making a finely crafted character? Why are stars created with straight lines and not with the crooked ones? And the list goes on.

Why did Greeks and Romans used it and proved themselves to be the most prominent in human history? Why is a squared structure being of great significance in the religion of Islam? Why did philosophers and other great thinkers keep using it without being bored or tired?

Our schooling kept this enforced camaraderie, between us but never did anyone blew life in it, which would have helped our understanding of a great deal.

-Penned by Tausif Mundrawala(7th November 2019)

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#3 Great, my friend, @Pascal Derrien

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#4 I agree with you, Sir @Jerry Fletcher

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Jerry Fletcher 7/11/2019 · #4

The vocabulary of math is virtually unknown to most of us. Words give us a bridge to the immutability of numbers and geometry. Interestingly enough, numbers and mathematical skills may be the way to begin to converse with aliens...if they compute in base ten. And so it goes.

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Y 2+2 = 3.5 👀

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relevant questions at the end! lovely buzz @Tausif Mundrawala! enjoyed read ad shared. thank you for the buzz.

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