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Do we need to hold on.......

Do we need to hold on.......

Image Courtesy- Aarti Sanger.

As I was rummaging through something in a carton, I laid my hands on those relics which might be or might not be of any use. Among those were a bunch of keys whose edges kept poking me at every point of my fingers. Every key formed the riddle which made me helpless to think which one would be useful to unlock which lock.

Among those other articles were broken photo frames, discarded shoes, comics, cassettes, etc. Though rusted, worn out, broken, torn and tattered but still we would want to withhold those beings.

What use would be of those articles? What purpose would it serve? Why do we hold them so dearest to our heart? Would they change our fate and if they would, what does our future hold? Will this rusted being, help us unlock the lock which is keyless?

It made me nostalgic of those moments where my paternal grandmother would ask me to unlock with those keys of tiny locks. These were the moments where we would reach our native place and start distributing gifts to our relatives. She would then tie those keys in a knot at the cornered hem of the cloth which she wore around her head.

My younger sister had a knack for collecting and creating new keychains and tried adding as many keys as she could to the new ones. In the same way, has been depicted in the image.

Those discarded shoes reminded me of my childhood where my mom tried a lot hard to fit in my foot. I never liked fancy shoes but this one hurted a lot. Yes, you all guessed it correctly, it gave me a shoe bite. My mom never relented and always kept me reminded that those were the best and costliest ones.

Comics have always been my all time favorite. The world created in them have always interested me. I adored those images which said volumes about those stories.

Among all these articles, keys have always interested me. It's head, shoulder, shaft, ridges, and notches. I marvel at the craft and the concept, kept in mind while making it. The insertion of the key in the lock cylinder and its rotating force have helped unlock the obstructed being.

The entire bunch of the keys intertwined with each other makes a pattern which a logical and the creative eyes could never miss. Every rusted one would conjure those moments which became memories after those years. While lifting them these dangling beings become a symbol of clarion call of yesteryears.

In India, these keys even helped a bridegroom to wade off evil spirits. They need to carry them in their pockets wherever they went.

For me, this key plays a pivotal role to unlock strained relations. Every relation comes with a bunch of locks where only the patience key can unlock it and can thereby establish compatibility.

The question now arises that should we be holding these relics or the time came to discard them once and for all?

What's the use to hold them when others see it only as trash?

Are we not allowing our past to walk past us as our brightest future is awaiting us?

Have we developed an attachment to those articles which we think we cannot live without it?

What statement do we wish to make by preserving it as a treasure?

I ask my friends to share their experiences and try to answer all these unanswered questions.

-Penned by Tausif Mundrawala (5th Jan'19)

Tausif Mundrawala Hace 6 d · #34

#33 Even I agree with you my friend, that we shouldn't part with the relics of our loved ones especially if it's of our better half. Am glad that you shared your experience with us. I would definitely read this buzz of yours.

Thanks for always being supportive my friend, @Lada 🏡 Prkic

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Lada 🏡 Prkic Hace 7 d · #33

Do we need to hang onto those items? Perhaps not, but they are memory keepers. In my case, those are photos, souvenirs, small tokens of appreciation from family and friends, and romantic gifts like a Licitar Heart that my husband gave me many years ago while we were dating. In fact, most of my items are romantic gifts. I have a box full of small heart-shaped beach stones and the seashells halves with handwritten messages on them. :)
As a child, I had collections of various stuff, but none of them "survived" after we moved several times.

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli 10/1/2019 · #31

#26 LOL! ...and that would be followed by the ''Ouch! Potato Chronicles"' I safely presume ;)

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Tausif Mundrawala 9/1/2019 · #30

#25 All going good by the grace of Almighty. Happy new year to you as well my friend.

Thanks for always being supportive my friend, @🐝 Fatima G. Williams

Tausif Mundrawala 9/1/2019 · #29

#23 It's really a delight to travel distanced places. Of late, due to my brother I got myself habituated to travel a lot. I can't comment on you shifting bases but I am sure it would have been a wonderful experience.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us as it's evident from the comments of our friends here that everyone likes to share their experiences.

Thank you once again, Ken.

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Mohammed A. Jawad 9/1/2019 · #28

#26 @Ken Boddie What a humor and idea for filming on 'Couch potatoes' and 'Relieving remedies' :)

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Ken Boddie 9/1/2019 · #26

#24 Indiana Jones, my dear @Praveen Raj Gullepalli, is, like all of us, getting older and bolder. Nevertheless, filming is scheduled to start soon, in Queensland's Gold Coast studios, on "The Quest for the Remote Control", followed soon thereafter by "The Quest for the Haemorrhoid Cushion".

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@Tausif Mundrawala I would also think that letting go is the best way to hold on to cherished memories. But when it comes to some antic items they may hold value in the future like the comics Mr. Manjit talks about. A Happy 2019 to you and hope all is well with you.

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