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Does craving lead one towards addiction?

Does craving lead one towards addiction?

One needs to ponder and deliberate very carefully to conclude while defining these two terms. The former is a powerful desire for something while the latter is an inability to stop doing or using something, especially something harmful. How could one categorize oneself if not be aware of the difference between the two?

One can’t ridicule with one’s addiction by placing blame on craving as no one is blind enough to differentiate between the two.

Could I allow my craving for my habit to become my addiction? Is it only about addiction to a particular substance and not about a habit or a hobby that would help in one’s best interest? If one gets addicted due to frequent cravings, what’s the best possible solution to get rid of it? Have we ever deliberated on the fact that it confuses anyone who wants to distinguish between the two?

One walks on a tight rope while grappling between the two because, amidst it, a thin line emerges, which doesn’t allow one to know the difference.

Many times one gets challenged to try something new in a friend circle, and with denial, one gets labeled a coward. This unnecessary imposed habit gets changed into a craving, and there is no waiting until it becomes an addiction. They want all their friends and so-called colleagues to sail in the same boat.

Never take pleasure in trying something new, which makes it craving and makes one addicted to it.

One of my colleagues went through depression due to his wife’s death. He witnessed her agony when she was struggling with cancer. After a few months, he recovered from this loss and surrendered himself to his smoking and drinking habits. Soon he was addicted to it and badly wanted to end his life. Whenever he came across a couple, he kept cursing his fate.

To satisfy his physical needs, he visited brothels but in vain. He tried searching for that love in those few moments of lovemaking. No one comforted him the way his wife did, and from where would he bring that shared compassion of a couple which he shared with his wife. He realized it when we all had a conversation with him on this subject.

He realized that whatever he did was wrong. He wronged himself and his wife, and his addiction was leading to his doom sooner then he realized. Friends are not meant only to make one addicted but also to show the righteous path. One such friend showed him the path of rehabilitation, and he gets himself enrolled in it.

Today being a person from a well-established family has started his rehabilitation center. Empathy towards people who are going through the same pain makes him help them the soonest. He has been presenting his story to everyone with equal ease so that he becomes a precedent for every one of them. He got remarried with a Canadian woman, who might have read his story or something might have clicked the moment they met.

We had conversations about his condition whenever we could. Upon inquiring, he confessed that he always had a craving for smoking, which he did by hiding it from his parents and wife. But after his wife’s death, that craving wasn’t one at all, and it soon became an addiction that swoops him from the floor where he stood.

This small lit fire became an inferno that took him in, where he didn’t realize his predicament till shown a correct path.

I cited the story as an example because a satisfying experience of one’s teens could come back to haunt him if some untoward incident happens. Why do people resort to such cravings to later get themselves addicted to it? Why can’t it be a simple craving, where once, satisfied could mean no harm?

One could never forget those simple cravings of childhood where we asked only for chocolates, stationery, books, etc.

I could say a habit of voracious reading can become an addiction where one can’t take enough sleep. Reading is a good habit when done overtly could prove detrimental to one’s health. One should always understand the pros and cons of one’s habit and the consequences one could bear if done beyond limitation.

I have seen people with a strong will and self-control who always keep a balance between their cravings and never allow it to get transitioned into an addiction.

One among them is a body-builder who has always satisfied his cravings. There were times where he was on the verge of getting addicted, but he always paid heed to the signs and signals his body has given. We could never make him being unhealthy or seriously addicted to something because he has better self-control than the ones who fall prey to this demon called addiction.

A lot of deliberation and reflection are required to conclude between the two but never try to make that craving of yourself gets transformed into an addiction. If we did that, it would prove to be fatal for an entire life.

-Penned by Tausif Mundrawala(2nd December 2019)

-Image courtesy- additudemag.com, english3researchproject.weebly.com

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#15 I completely agree with you, my friend, @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador but it proves detrimental to one's life.


Addictions are to avoid or escape something else.

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#8 I completely agree with you, my friend, @Kevin Baker

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#6 You know friends like you have inspired me to pen these written pieces even when I don't want to. These reflective articles are of great help to everyone and many times resonate with us well.

Thanks for always being supportive, my friend, @Marisa Fonseca Diniz

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#5 You are a complete guide of a terrain which I have not visited before and hence all your comments are valuable, @Jerry Fletcher

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#4 Your contribution means a lot to me, Sir @Harvey Lloyd. You have not left any space for me to comment much. I am speechless but in an intellectual way.

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#3 Which I thought difficult at first but later on I could find a proper balance and hence could present it beautifully.

You have always gotten to the essence of any post, Sir @Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

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#2 Your comment spoke volumes as you elaborated on all those points which were worth mentioning. That's the beauty of this topic that I couldn't put it off at all.

Thanks a lot once again, Sir @John Rylance